Sunday, January 24, 2021

The Pack Movie Review

Trailer :here

The Pack is a 2015 Australian horror film directed by Nick Robertson and starring Jack Campbell and Anna Lise Phillips.

The film begins with a farmer going to check on his flock of sheep. He gets killed by wild dogs. His wife is also killed. They are roaming around the countryside in a pack. Meanwhile, a family are in financial trouble. The mother, Carla Wilson(Phillips) is a vet and her husband Adam(Campbell) is a farmer. They have a son, Henry and a daughter, Sophie. The bank manager pays them a visit telling them that they will have to vacate their farm. Adam refuses to sell. The bank manager goes off, but he pulls over at the side of the road to pee and he end up meeting the gang of vicious mutts who tear him apart. I don't think he will be missed.

The family lose power and Adam goes to turn on the generator. His dog runs off. He looks for it. There are eyes watching him. Is it the pack of dogs looking for another snack? Of course it is! Adam realises that the canine gang are out there and he runs back to his house with the dogs on his tail. Carla calls the police. The dogs begin to batter on the front door. They are determined to get at the family. Adam shoots one through the door with his rifle. He opens to door to see if he hit one, when he gets attacked. Carla whacks one as a police car comes. The cop looks around and guess what? He ends up being the dog's next meal. Adam decides to make a run for his truck. He says that he will come back and get the rest of the family. He makes it as far as the truck and he drives up to the house. He tells them to get it, but he gets attacked and crashes the truck before they can go.

Henry and Sophia hide in a closet in the house as Carla protects them. She looks for any dogs. One comes into the house. Carla traps it in a room. Adam comes to in the truck. He gets out and he makes his way to Carla's office. Carla is inside the house and she goes to the basement. There is another dog in there. Henry and Sophia get attacked. Carla saves them, Adam sees a dog eating the animals in Carla's vet clinic. He hides and waits for his chance to get it. It attacks him but he manages to put it down. He  is in bits by this stage. He reunites with his family and they decide to go up onto the roof. They run but Carla falls over. She runs back to the house. Henry and Sophie go up onto the roof. Carla distracts the dogs with fire. Adam shoots another one. Carla gets attacked and she faces off with one of the deadly dogs. Adam manages to get a shot and he kills it. The rest of them flee into the woods while their own dog returns. The family seem safe. In a cave in the woods, a dog's eyes peer out of the darkness....

This was a good film, I thought. I liked the idea of the deadly dogs. It was simple, but it worked well.
The cast were pretty good and the film had lots of good scenes with the vicious dogs. There isn't much here that you haven't seen in other creature features, but I enjoyed this one and I certainly recommend it. It is above average so I will give it a 6/10.


Tony Briley said...

Great review, and I enjoyed this movie too. I enjoy quite a few movies from Australia. This one, the one where the school bus gets hijacked, and These Final Hours was excellent. I had heard they were making an American blockbuster of These Final Hours but haven't read anymore about it.

Amanda said...

I like Australian movies also. I haven't seen These Final Hours yet, but I plan to!

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