Saturday, February 6, 2021

Corruption Movie Review

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Corruption is a 1968 horror/ thriller directed by Robert Hartford-Davis and starring Peter Cushing, Kate O' Mara and Sue Lloyd.

The movie begins with a man called John Rowan(Cushing), a plastic surgeon who has a girlfriend called Lynn(Lloyd). She happens to be a model and she is quite a bit younger than he is. They are at a party when a photographer called Michael starts taking pictures of Lynn. He gets a bit suggestive with her and John isn't happy. A fight ensues and a hot light falls onto Lynn's face, burning her. She ends up in hospital. She is very depressed about what has happened to her. Her sister, Val(O'Mara) comes to stay with her and John. John tries to come up with a way to restore her face. He finds a way but it includes using a laser and human glands. Val helps him. John manages to perform surgery on Lynne and it is successful. Her face goes back to normal. 

Unfortunately, the surgery doesn't last and Lynne's face goes back to being scarred. Lynne goes crazy. She wants John to do it again. He visits a prostitute and he kills her and takes the parts he needs for another surgery. It works again and Lynne wants to go back to work as a model. Michael tells her that she can't do it. John sees a piece about the murder in the paper. He decides to take Lynne on holiday. They
 drive to a house in the country. Her face is starting to deteriorate. Lynne demands that he kill another woman and get what she needs for another operation. Lynne spots a girl on the beach. She is called Terry. Lynne tells John that she would be perfect as a victim.

Terry comes to their house and they invite her to stay. Terry thinks that they are a little odd. John doesn't want to kill her, but Lynne insists. Terry has a boyfriend called Rick and she lets him into the house.
Terry tells him about the couple and she wants to leave. Rick convinces her to stay and get some money out of them. Next morning, Terry has gone. John is on the train when he spots another young woman. He attacks and kills her and gets what he wants for Lynne. Terry ends up returning to the house and this time, she gets killed. John decides that he can't kill anymore. Lynne says that she will call the police and tell them that he has gone mad but John is past caring. 

Just then, a gang turn up at the house. They are friends of Terry's. They are looking for her and it isn't long before they figure out that something happened to her. They look for valuables and they mess with the couple. They realise that Terry is dead and they get angry, John tells them that she is. Lynne manages to throw one of the gang off of a cliff. Lynne goes completely crazy and John's laser manages to activate and kill everyone, including John and Lynne. The movie ends at the party from the beginning. It seems that all of it was only a dream....

I really enjoyed this one. It was a fun film and Cushing did well here.  The story is similar to the earlier film, Eyes Without A  Face. This one had a gang, swinging sixties music and Peter Cushing! Now, I did really like this, but the ending had me wondering what the hell. The film should have ended with everyone dead. It was a fitting end for all concerned but someone decided that it would be better to have it as a dream and that made no sense at all. Despite the silly ending, this is worth your while and I think that it will entertain you as it did me. I will give it a 7/10.


Tony Briley said...

One look at the cover art and tagline and I figured this one would be a flop. Interesting to see I was wrong. Glad you enjoyed it.

Amanda said...

I did. It is a good film despite the cover art. I recommend it!

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