Saturday, July 17, 2021

Destroyer Movie Review

Trailer here.

Destroyer is a 1988 horror movie directed by Robert Kirk and starring Lyle Alzado, Deborah Foreman and Anthony Perkins.

Ivan Mosler(Alzado) is a killer on death row. His time has come to die. He is going to the electric chair. As he is being electrocuted, the power goes out. He comes back to life and he kills the priest who is with him and the prison guard. Cut to a writer called David(Clayton Rohner), who is making a movie called Death House Dolls. The director is Robert Edwards(Perkins). Susan(Foreman) is a stuntwoman standing in for Sharon(Lannie Garrett), the star of the movie. There is a film crew and a janitor guy called Russell(Tobias Anderson) who is keeping an eye on the old prison where they are shooting. The old warden of the prison shows up. He is all riled up. He wants to talk to the film crew. Susan finds an old doll with a message on it. 

The warden talks to David about the prison. He isn't too happy about them filming there. David is curious about what happened at the prison. Robert tells him to stop asking questions. The warden ends up getting killed. Russell sees the body. He turns a blind eye. A police officer shows up and he asks Russell about the warden. The prison is the same one that Ivan Mosler was in. He is still there. He is the one who is leaving messages. He has an eye for Susan. Russell leads the cop down to Ivan's lair. Ivan kills him. Sharon decides to quit the film.  She gets drunk and ends up meeting Ivan. He chases her. Russell tries it on with her and she fights him off.  He ends up falling. Ivan kills her. Susan is scared when she sees another message.

David talks to a former inmate of the prison. He tells David about Ivan Mosler and what happened.
He says that Ivan is still half alive. Russell is Mosler's dad. Robert gets fried in the electric chair.
Mosler shows up pretending to be a police officer. Susan realises it and she runs away. Mosler chases her. David looks for her. There is a fight when he runs into Ivan. He gets knocked out. Susan manages to electrocute Ivan but he isn't dead. Susan and David reunite. They try to escape. Mosler comes back yet again. They pour gasoline over him and Susan sets him alight. Russell dies also. Susan wakes up in hospital where she sees Mosler but it is just a bad dream. She survived and so did David.

I watched this film because Anthony Perkins was starring in it. He played his part well and made this better than it was. The film was entertaining in parts but some of the acting was dire. Overall, this is a fun slasher movie, but nothing special. I will give it a 5/10.


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