Sunday, December 7, 2008

Eagle Eye Movie Review 5

Eagle Eye is a movie starring Shia LeBeouf and Michelle Monaghan and is about two people who get mysterious calls from a woman threatening them unless they do as they are asked.They have never met the woman and they have lived ordinary lives up until that point but now they have to follow her commands or risk the consequences.Shia LeBeouf's character's twin brother recently died working for the government and then suddenly he gets loads of money in his account and loads of military hardware such as guns and instructions to fly military planes delivered to his apartment.As he opens them up he gets his first call from the stranger telling him to do as she says otherwise the police who are on their way will capture him and think he is a terrorist!

From then on we are on a rollercoaster ride of explosions and chases as he meets up with the beautiful Michelle Monaghan pictured here on the right relaxing in Jigsaw's Lair the other day!!! She is receiving calls from the same person and they are forced to team up while they do as they are asked.As they leave a trail of destruction in their wake, Billy Bob Thornton and Rosario Dawson's characters are chasing them trying to figure out why they are robbing a security van and heading for the airport.The only clues we get are lots of footage from roadside cameras and CCTV watching their every movement.

Eagle Eye is like Die Hard in the sense that it all goes very fast with lots of explosions from the start but once the reason for all this is explained it gives a feeling of oh-is-that-all-it-was.The movie culminates in a good finish though but it was ruined in the epilogue for me.I can't say why without spoiling the movie.It plays very like Enemy of the State that starred Will Smith with lots of technology involved.If you like that movie then you will like this also.There is lots of esplosions and a fast pace for you action junkies out there but it all ends up in an average movie.Its a film you should check out if you want an action movie to kill an hour and 50 minutes or so.I would say its worth a look but not great.

Eagle Eye (5/10)


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