Sunday, December 21, 2008

Milk Movie Review 10

Milk is movie starring Sean Penn,Josh Brolin,James Franco and Emile Hirsch.This is based on a true story.Penn plays Harvey Milk,California's first openly gay official.He was a San Francisco supervisor who led the fight against anti-gay initiatives and tried to get equal rights for gays.Josh Brolin plays another city supervisor Dan White who was a family man but they became linked as the movie will reveal! I don't want to spoil the movie for those who don't want to know what happened but it can be found out by clicking on his name.The movie goes through how Milk started out and how he became involved in politics.James Franco plays a boyfriend of Milks and Emille Hirsch plays Cleve Jones who was Milk's protege.

The movie goes through his attempts at getting elected and how he became focused on the rights of gays and the injustices they suffer.Then when he is elected how he tries to influence policies.Sean Penn is very good in the part as Milk and Brolin gets little screen time but then it is about Harvey Milk!! James Franco is good also and looks very different in this.This is a real serious Penn movie that definitely would not be for everyone especially if you are not interested in learning about gay injustices or truth based movies.

I found Milk very interesting and it held my attention throughout.Throughout the movie there are real news clips thrown in from that time and it all works seamlessly.Gus Van Sant who did great movies such as Good Will Hunting,My Own Private Idaho,Drugstore Cowboy and the absolutely brilliant Psycho remake that Amanda Loves!!! (Em no not really!) directs this and the result is a very good biopic.It's a movie that you can see in the Oscar shake up with Penn maybe getting nominated for best actor.The only problem I had is that it seemed Milk had no faults at all other than being a bit too invested in his political life and the expense of his boyfriend.Of course maybe he was a great guy and had no faults! I would recommend that you go see this movie as it is entertaining and interesting at the same time.So now all i have to ask is Got Milk?!!

Milk (7/10)


Rick Bman said...

I went and saw this a few weeks ago and found it to be really good. It wasn't perfect, they glossed over a lot of things and Dan White's character wasn't really fleshed out enough. Sean Penn definitely gave a solid performance, his best in my opinion. He usually chews the scenery a bit to much for my tastes but that worked in this movie be Harvey Milk had a pretty flamboyant personality to begin with.

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