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Lost - Season 5 Episode 3 "Jughead" Recap/Discussion

The latest Lost episode has just been on called "Jughead".Did you see it? Given up? Still glued to the TV screen? Well I am! If you want to know what happened read on and let me know what you think of the episode by a comment if you wish! If you need to know about Episodes 1 and 2 click here! Bear in mind this show is very complex as I try to explain what happened.I am assuming that you more or less know what has been happening up until now!

In this episode Desmond, having just woken from his sleep either just remembered that he met Daniel Faraday or dreamed it but he now wants to find Faraday's mother.Faraday having knocked on the hatch and told Desmond to find his mother in the future.But Faraday had time travelled just after telling him! Desmond in the present time has had a baby with Penny but now resolves to track down Faraday's mother.Then we go back to Faraday's group who are now in the past and looking to meet Locke,Juliet and Sawyer at the creek.They shouted this meeting point when they were being attacked by the flaming arrows in the last episode.As they walk to the creek, Charlotte is looking worse by the minute as she says she has dizziness and double vision.Faraday tries to reassure her that she will be fine.Unfortunately for Faraday two of his group get blown up by explosives that were hidden by tripwires in the jungle.Good news for us is that they were two guys that no ones knows so that's OK! It is like the old Star Trek episodes when you knew the guy who never opened his mouth would always die first!

The explosion draws in a group of Others who hold the group at gunpoint! They think Faraday is here to attack them with his group. Meanwhile in present time Desmond argues with Penny that he was not dreaming about meeting Faraday and says he has to find out about Faraday's mother but it will all be finished in the one day.Back to Faraday's group, the Others want to know where the rest of the group are but he does not know as they were split up.Miles says maybe they were blown up by all the explosives the Others planted.The leader of the Others holding them at gunpoint accuses Faraday's group of planting them.So who put the explosives there is a mystery!!

Now we cut back to Locke,Sawyer and Juliet who are holding two men prisoner.When Sawyer threatens to kill them they speak Latin to each other.Juliet reveals she knows what they said as she speaks Latin also and that the two men are Others!! (Cue dramatic music!) We go back to Faraday's group as they are being marched through the jungle to the Other's Camp.Faraday sees some of the Others have their hands bandaged up from severe burns and Miles senses that they have just walked near the recent graves of US military soldiers! He somehow knows 3 were shot and one died of radiation poisoning.At the Camp,the leader of the Other's comes out of his tent and is revealed to be Richard! Richard tells Faraday that he assumes he has come back for his Bomb!!!!

In present time,Desmond is at Oxford University trying to meet Faraday but there is no record of him at all there! He sneaks into Faraday's old Physics lab but everything is covered in sheets and has not been used in a while.A workman catches him there and tells him that Faraday was rumoured to be trying to send rat's brains back in time.The workman says he will not tell anyone Desmond broke in if Desmond says that all he found was rubbish to his friends.As Desmond is leaving the workman says Faraday did something to a girl so Desmond heads off to her to find out more.Back in the past Richard tells Faraday that they started attacking them first.He thinks they are with the US military but Faraday guesses that the bomb is unstable by the bandaged hands of some of Richards men so he offers to stabilise the bomb and render it safe.As Richard thinks he might just detonate it, Faraday professes his love for Charlotte and would not want to see her hurt so Richard knows he is not on a suicide mission.

As Locke's group heads to the creek,one of the Others says that Locke's friends are dead as the Others heard that they were heading for the creek and would have cut them off and killed or captured them.Juliet appeals to one of them to take them to the Camp and he gives directions to it just before the other man kills him and runs away.Locke does not shoot him even though he could and when asked why by Sawyer, Locke says because he is one of Locke's people!! In present time, Desmond arrives at the girls house that the workman talked about and meets her sister.The girl though is in a catatonic state being spoon fed and her sister says Faraday abandoned her.Charles Widmore is revealed to be Faraday's benefactor funding his research and it was he who pays for the girls care.

In the past,Faraday tells Charlotte that he was not lying when he said he loves her but gets taken away by Richard who tells him that they had to kill 18 members of an army battalion a month ago.The Others said to them to leave the Island but they would not leave and Richard says he answers to someone but does not say who.Just then the man who escaped from Locke's group runs into the Camp and says not to trust Faraday.Richard says he might have led Locke's group to the camp but the man says Locke is an old man and would not know the Island as well as him.Of course we cut to Locke who is looking down at the Camp!!!!!!!!

Locke says he is going down to talk to Richard while Juliet and Sawyer rescue Faraday.Faraday meets the Bomb which is up on a wooden scaffold while an Other Woman holds a gun on him.The bomb is clearly labelled "Jughead".He sees that there is a crack in the casing and says to her that the bomb needs to be buried.She says that it might still explode but he says that it will not as he is from the future and the bomb has not exploded!! Sawyer and Juliet arrive and they take the gun off the woman.

Back with Desmond, he bursts into Charles Widmore's office and demands the address of Faraday's mother.Widmore demands to know is his daughter Penny safe as he has not seen her for 3 years.Desmond does not answer but demands Faraday's mother's address again.Widmore gives it to him but says once Desmond meets her to get out of it and keep Penny safe.Back in the past, Locke strolls into the camp and demands to talk to Richard.Richard does not know him as they have not met in this time yet.But when Locke says Jakob sent him Richard knows that Locke is not a danger to him.The man that escaped wants to kill Locke but Richard takes his gun away as he calls him "Widmore". Locke asks him if his name is Charles Widmore and he says whats it to Locke.Locke says nothing but "pleased to meet you" as he realises that the man is Charles Widmore when he was very young!!!

Desmond is now with Penny and wants to forget about it all but she implores him to just finish what he started and that she will go to Los Angeles with him where Faraday's mother is. Once more back to the past and Locke demands to know how to how to get off the Island from Richard.Locke knows he has to get off the island to bring the Oceanic 6 back.He gives Richard the compass that Richard gave him in another time and says to Richard that Locke is now the Leader.Richard finds this hard to believe as the process to pick a leader starts very young so Locke asks him the year.Richard says the year is 1954 and Locke says he will be born in 2 years and that Richard should go see him.(This ties in with a flashback of John Locke in earlier episodes where Richard came to see him when he was young)

Locke appeals to Richard to tell him how to get off the Island just as Locke,Sawyer,Juliet,Miles,Faraday and Charlotte all time travel again!! The Camp disappears along with all the Others and Richard.Faraday runs over to Charlotte and is relieved to see her OK and unties her from ropes.She gets dizzy and her nose bleeds as she collapses to the ground.The episode ends with Faraday cradling the unconscious Charlotte in his arms!!!!

This was a good episode again that answered a few questions and made a few things clearer for me anyway! The time traveling is a good way to flesh out the storyline and is a different way than the usual flashback.Story threads are tying into each other as we realise Widmore was an Other on the Island and we now know why Richard visited Locke when he was very young.Desmond is very close to meeting Faraday's mother who I am guessing will be Miss Hawking played by Fionnula Flanagan.The bomb might have a big part to play in the end of the whole series with it blowing up the whole island! That is just my guess! Of course it might never be referred to again as you never know with Lost! Now we wait for episode 4! What did you think of Episode 3?


Harmony said...

Lost is getting stranger with every episode.

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