Saturday, January 31, 2009


This movie is a very obscure one. It was not easy to find,but if you can, you should watch it. It is directed by Lamberto Bava who also directed Demons(1985) which I have reviewed here. This movie, however is not as well known and it is a little strange, but I enjoyed it anyway.

It begins in New Orleans with a housewife Jane Baker(Bernice Stegers) who has a loving husband and two children. She is going out to meet her lover, Robert Duval(Stanko Molnar). She arrives to meet him and they have sex. As she is with her lover, her son is killed by her daughter. She receives a phone call to tell her what has happened.She is very distraught and she drives home recklessly with her lover in tow. She crashes the car and he is killed. She is so upset that she is put into a mental institution.

A year later, she is released and she moves into the boarding house where she and her lover used to meet. The landlord has died and her blind son is in charge now. He likes Jane and he asks her out for dinner a few times. What he doesn't know is that Jane is using voodoo to bring back her dead lover while keeping his head in her fridge. Jane's daughter is taunting her about her son's death too. She blames her mother for everything and she tries to make her mother sad. The blind man becomes more infatuated with her and he asks her to come out with him, but she refuses. He hears her in her room having sex with someone, but he doesn't see anyone coming or going.

He sneaks into her room and he tries to find out what is going on, but it all comes out when her daughter comes for a visit one weekend and she pushes her mother too far. The mother loses patience and kills the child. Then, the blind man finds out that Jane has been making love to her dead lovers head. Bizarre? Oh yeah! He has to get away from Jane as she has gone crazy! He sees that Jane has killed her daughter and he is horrified. I won't spoil the ending but I have to say that this movie was weird but I enjoyed it despite the strange subject matter. I would give this one a 7/10.


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