Monday, January 5, 2009

My Bloody Valentine(1981)- Amanda

Hello, I am back after a little break to bring you more classic movies. This movie- My Bloody Valentine(1981), is a horror classic. I watched it again recently as I had heard that there is a remake coming out(not more remakes!!!). So, back to the original. The film begins with some girls and guys getting ready for a Valentine's Day Ball in the coal mining town of Valentine Bluffs, Nova Scotia. Everyone is excited about it as it is the first one held in over 20 years. We find out that 20 years ago, there was an accident in the mine and people were killed while their supervisors were at the Valentine's Day Dance in 1961. A year after, a survivor, Harry Warden, killed the two supervisors as revenge and he warned the town never to hold another dance or he would come back and kill everyone.

The kids decide to hold the dance anyway despite warnings from the local barkeep and when human hearts are delivered to certain members of the community, the sheriff wants the dance called off. The kids decide to have their party anyway but with a difference- it is in the mine where Harry supposedly resides since he came back to town....Kids start dropping like flies in a bloody killing spree as they go into the mine for a laugh(very clever!)

There is a subplot going on in this movie too. T.J. Hanniger(Paul Kelman) has recently come back to town and wants to get back with his old flame Sarah(Lori Hallier), but she is getting it on with an old friend of his Axel Palmer(Neil Affleck) and they battle over her as the maniac with the pickaxe murders lots of the townsfolk. I like this movie and I think that it is worth seeing. As for the remake, I don't really know what to expect yet. Maybe I will watch it, but in my opinion, these remakes usually mess it up. We will see.. I will be back with another classic soon...


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