Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Omen(1976)- Amanda

It's one of the most famous horror films of all times- The Omen(1976). I just bought a special edition of this a few days ago. I haven't gotten around to seeing all the special features yet, but I will...There is probably no need to tell anyone what this movie is about, but just in case, I will begin with Robert Thorn(Gregory Peck) and his wife Katherine(Lee Remick). They lose their baby at a hospital and a priest approaches Robert to ask him to take a child whose mother has just died giving birth. Without telling Katherine, they give her the baby and she is delighted. His name is Damien.

Simple so far? Well, after they relocate to London, they begin to see that there is something not right with the kid. The child's nanny hangs herself for him. That should be a warning... But, then
a photographer, Keith Jennings(David Warner) notices that the pictures he took around Damien have strange marks on them and he investigates. Mrs Baylock(Billie Whitelaw) arrives as Damien's protector along with a big black dog. A priest tries to warn Damien's father only to be killed later. Keith and Robert go to investigate Damien's birthplace and they find the hospital where he was born only to find it burned down along with all records and people who could remember Damien's birth. They find the mother's grave only to find the skeleton is a Jackal which tells them that he ISN'T human!! They uncover the stillborn baby delivered by Katherine and find that its skull was smashed so it was murdered. Robert and Keith are horrified and flee the graveyard whilst being chased by mad dogs!!

Meanwhile, the little imp almost killed Katherine but she survived a fall when she fell from the stairs and she ended up in hospital. Now, while she is still recovering, the little devil's protector, Mrs. Baylock pushes Katherine out of a window and splat, she's dead.Robert is crushed to hear this and he decides that the little devil needs to be exterminated. He needs a special dagger to kill him but he finds it hard to swallow and he throws them away. Keith goes to retrieve them and gets his poor head sliced off by a pane of glass. That makes Robert certain that Damien needs to be killed and he goes back to London to finish the little imp off. He gets rid of Mrs. Baylock. He grabs the kid and takes him to the church with the intent to killing him once he sees the 666 on his forehead. The cops come and tell him to stop which he won't so they shoot him.
The end scene has a double funeral for Katherine and Robert Thorn with Damien holding the hand of the President and grinning...Great movie! Just a note, I would NOT recommend the remake. I saw it and I hated it. Make up your own mind, but I warn you, it is devilishly bad!


Texas Wanderer said...

The Omen was a great movie, but I didn't like the second one too much. But, the third, where he is grown, that is another good one as well. It also seemed realistic, at least until Bush came along. If he isn't the antichrist who takes over the world through Washington, then that will NEVER happen.


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