Sunday, January 4, 2009

Seven Pounds Movie Review 11

Will Smith stars in Seven Pounds as you can see from the above trailer! He plays an IRS agent who has a secret and he goes on "an extraordinary journey of redemption by forever changing the lives of seven strangers" At least that what IMDB says! Really he is an IRS guy who is now moping around his house that wants to help seven people that are good people to make up for something that happened in his life.Rosario Dawson,Woody Harrelson and Barry Pepper are also in this.It took me a while to remember what I had seen Barry Pepper in and it was the hilariously bad Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the year 3000.Yes that crap one with John Travolta about the book written by Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.Incidentally the book isn't too bad except for the latter part but I digress!!

Seven Pounds is definitely Will Smith's shot at Oscar nomination and glory! I mean he meant it that way as it is a serious movie that they love.He is a guy who badly wants to help seven people no matter what the cost and sets about finding the most deserving seven that he can.He insists that they have to be good people as he feels very badly about something that happened in his life that is not fully explained until the end of the movie.Smith mopes around the place with the usual things for this type of movie.He doesn't shave or tidy his house which clearly shows he is very sad! Oh no! I was thinking when I watched it "hey he hasn't walked in the rain with no jacket or umbrella yet" when hey presto he does just that.That means he is really sad!!!!!!!

There is meant to be a big twist in this movie but it was completely obvious.I know everyone can say that after they have seen a movie but really, you can see it coming from the start about what's going to happen and why.If this was in a Saw movie people would want their money back!!! It reminded me of the Law and Order: Criminal Intent Episode 16 Season 4 Ex Stasis.Will Smith is quite good in this and I do think he is a good actor and Rosario Dawson also.The movie is just too slow and too long.Its just under two hours but it seems like a lot longer! Lots of shots of Smith staring into space looking sad and sitting in fields trying to be happy.Women might like this a bit better than men but I know Amanda hated it also.

In short I would avoid this movie unless you are a masochist and like really really slow movies.The only good thing was the actors involved hence the score.I'm probably even being a bit generous. Run and Go see something better than this!!!!!

Seven Pounds (3/10)


nit said...

Will Smith is a man with Lady Killing looks and tremendous acting talent. The Whole world is crazy for Will Smith Movies. If world is embracing stuff in which he is involved, then how can I be an exception.

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