Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Wrestler Movie Review 14

The Wrestler is a new movie starring Mickey Rourke and Marisa Tomei about funnily enough a wrestler! I bet you never thought of it! I love watching wrestling and I have always been a fan of Mickey Rourke from his early movies like Rumble Fish,Angel Heart,Johnny Handsome to new ones like Sin City.It is a pity where he is in life now as he has had a lot of plastic surgery.He was very good in Sin City but I have to tell you in this movie he is phenomenal! He plays the part of Randy "The Ram" Robinson and he is meant to be an old wrestler from the 1980's.The character reminded me of Jake "The Snake" Roberts when I saw him in a documentary called "Beyond the Mat" and you can see why if you click the link here.
In that he had issues with his daughter too just like Mickey Rourke in this movie.

Randy "The Ram" Robinson is basically a washed up has been who now makes his living wrestling small wrestling shows.We see how he lives as he tries to hold his life together.He tries to engage with his daughter again as he lost touch with her years ago.We see how all his wrestling matches take their toll on his body such as staples being pulled out of his body and all the cuts and bruises he has to endure.It is a really simple story but the whole thing is incredibly entertaining.If you did not know better you would truly believe that Mickey Rourke is a wrestler and this was a fly-on-the-wall documentary.

He goes to lap dancing clubs and while he is there he meets the beautiful Marisa Tomei (pictured).She is a stripper that now is reaching the end of her career too and they seem to share that bond.She is reluctant to get involved with him as he is a customer and she comes with a nine year old child.Randy is forced to find an ordinary day job and we see how he has to put up with doing menial tasks when he was a well known star in the 80's.It is sad to see such a fall from grace and you have to sympathise with the character.He has to put up with fussy elderly ladies wanting their meat cut just the way they want it and it is soul destroying for him.

The Wrestler is a great movie with a simple story and it all works brilliantly.This movie is Mickey Rourke's movie and he puts in a fantastic performance.Marisa Tomei is lovely too in it when especially you see her topless in the lap dancing club!!!! Check out the picture of her in action! Wow! She must be good with computers as she turned my floppy into a hard drive!!! I would definitely recommend this movie to you as it had everything and you wind up really feeling for Randy "The Ram" Robinson.You see the beating in the ring he gets for a few measly dollars and you really hope it turns out OK for him.You will have to check it out for yourself to find out!!!!! Mickey Rourke should get an Oscar!!!

The Wrestler (10/10)


Extreme John said...

I never heard of this movie until now and reading your post along with the hot pictures of Morissa Tomay that you posted makes me want to see it. Bookmarking this post.

Anonymous said...

JESUS, MAN. How old r u?
This is the worst movie I have seen in a long time. I was already not to hot on watching a movie with Rourke in it since he has been off line for so long in very,very bad ones. But this is definitely the worst that I have seen him in. Ok, I can understand than ur a wrestling fan, fine by me, but this story and the acting are horrible. Sorry thats a 0,5/10 for me.

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