Monday, February 23, 2009

Jeepers Creepers(2001)

This horror movie was one of those which I really enjoyed from the past few years. It stars Justin Long and Gina Phillips. It's directed by Victor Salva who directed the sequel too. He also directed Clownhouse(1989).

Darry(Justin Long) and Trish(Gina Phillips) are driving home for spring break. They are the usual squabbling siblings and they are enjoying each other's company until some person in a truck tries to run them off the road. They let him pass them and they don't think about him until they happen to spot the same strange truck parked outside a house. They see him throwing things that could be bodies wrapped in bloodied sheets down a pipe. They wait until he leaves and then Darry wants to investigate what it was that they saw(not a very smart move!).

Trish doesn't want to investigate it at all but Darry convinces her to hold his legs while he has a look down the pipe to see what is going on. He sees rats and freaks out causing Trish to drop Darry down the pipe. What he finds down there is lots of bodies sewn together. There are some new bodies ready for the killer to darn. He climbs back out and they flee the scene. They find a gas station and they call the cops to tell them what has happened. They get a weird call from a psychic who tells them that they are in danger. She plays them the song called 'Jeepers Creepers' and she tells them when they hear that song played they are in extreme danger. They don't really take any notice of her (big mistake!) and they find out that the killers house has been burned to the ground along with any evidence of the bodies. The police escort them on their way.

Of course, the baddie follows them and he kills the cops that are with them and he chases the two young people. They try and get help from a strange lady with lots of cats, but the killer murders her too. They hit the weirdo with their car and they think that he is dead, until his wings begin to beat. They make it to the local police station and they wait to get help when the psychic, Gezelle,shows up to tell them that he ain't dead. She informs them of the history of the 'Creeper', who only comes every 23rd spring for 23 days to eat as many people as he can so he can replenish his own body. She tells them that it wants them and she doesn't know why.

They are faced with the creeper again as it attacks the police station. It eats some prisoners and it attacks the cops. Gezelle takes them upstairs and tells them that one of them is going to die in the dark with the song 'Jeepers Creepers' playing in the background. The creeper comes upon Gezelle but leaves her alone as she isn't afraid of him. He chases after the two siblings again. He manages to catch Darry and it becomes obvious that there is something about Darry that the creeper wants. He flies off with him leaving Trish helpless. The next day, their parents come to collect Trish and Gezelle goes home too in regret. We see that the creeper wanted Darry's eyes and that he has killed Darry. He is left in a dark boiler room which is the creeper's new lair. The song 'Jeepers Creepers' is playing in the background......

There is a sequel to this movie and I hear that there will be a third installation so that will be something to look forward to. I will review the sequel in a future post. As for this movie, I really liked it and I have it in my horror collection. I am going to give it a 7.5/10.


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