Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Office Season 5 Episode 13 Recap/Discussion

In the video above is the absolutely brilliant pre-opening credits scene from The Office Season 5 Episode 13 called "Stress Relief".The highly planned fired drills that were practiced go out the window when Dwight sets up a small fire and does not tell the rest of the office that it is not real!! Absolute pandemonium as it is every man or woman for himself! The cameras get run over in the chaos,Oscar climbs up into the ceiling,Angela takes out her cat that is hidden in a drawer,Michael smashes a window with a chair,Kevin loots the canteen snacks after smashing it open and Jim and Andy try to use the photocopier to smash open a door!!! Oscar falls through the ceiling getting stuck halfway and Dwight lights firecrackers!! Andy shouts "The fire is shooting at us" before Dwight admits it was all just a drill.Oscar drops down from above and Stanley then collapses with a heart attack as they all try to help him.

This opening scene was one of the funniest ever and will go down as a classic! Next time you do a fire drill just think of this and what can really happen! The Office is a show that seems to get better and better with each episode and this episode proves it.If you have not seen it yet then try to catch it soon as it is very funny.Michael and Dwight get called to main office where Michael ingeniously turns the tables and acts like a head manager giving Dwight a small penalty instead of firing him!! When Stanley gets back from the hospital Michael decides to have a CPR class as "he knew exactly what to do but in a much more real sense he had no idea what to do" That is a very funny line from a boss in denial!!! When they do the CPR class they cannot pump the dummies chest in proper time but when told to pump to the tune of the BeeGee's song Staying Alive an impromptu sing song begins! Each singing badly and it is hilarious! As in theory the dummy has died, Dwight carves it up looking for the heart to give to an organ donor and then carves off the face of the dummy putting it on his face! Obviously a reference to Silence of the Lambs!!

Then the story branches off to Pam,Jim and Andy watching illegally downloaded movies on a laptop! The movie they are watching is a movie that is starring Jack Black and Jessica Alba in a very funny Cameo!! Pam's parents are having marriage problems and Jim tries to help.Dwight has to get everyone in the office to sign his letter of regret due to his actions with the dummy and fire drill!! Michael tries relaxation techniques with the entire office to help Stanley relax but really his techniques are just him talking quietly with a candle!! Stanley's beeping blood pressure monitor reveals that Michael is his source of stress and when Oscar wears the monitor Michael stresses him out too.Basically Michael is stressing everyone out!!!!

Due to this Michael decides to hold a roast in honour of himself so everyone can say what they want to Michael! Of course everyone gets up and makes fun of him and it all gets out of hand! Andy rounds it off with a song on his guitar about what he hates about Michael.Michael as usual did not expect all the hate and staggers out the door! He does not show up to work the next day and some people think he may be dead! He is not dead and cameras reveal him to be at a children's playground throwing out bread! He thinks he is in a park!! Dwight fools Phyllis into signing for a package and she was the last signature that he needed on his letter of regret so he is happy! Andy is then shown crying at the end of the movie that has a very funny scene with Jack Black!!! Then Pam says to Jim that her dad is leaving her mother due to Jim saying he loves Pam so much and that her father does not have that type of love with Pam's mother.

Michael arrives back at the office with little roasts of everyone written down.He runs through them all and Stanley begins to laugh with all the put downs.Then everyone laughs at the jokes so Michael's goal of stress relief is achieved and all is well in the office again! The end scene of Jack Black's very old lover cheating on him was brilliant too! This show has got to be one of the best comedies on TV at the moment and yet again this was a great episode.From the fire drill to the CPR scenes and to the roast, it was all very funny.This episode lasted 41 Min's and I think was a special Superbowl episode as it normally would not be that long.Another hilarious episode! What did you think of it????

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