Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Celebrity Apprentice - An American Travesty!!!!

I have been watching Celebrity Apprentice this year and I have just watched the finale! Those of you who look at the show will know that it came down to Annie Duke and Joan Rivers.Before I saw them on this show I had heard of them but did not know much about them.If you have been following along you will have seen the likes of Jesse James,Brian Mcknight,Dennis Rodman,Melissa Rivers,Brande Roderick,Clint Black,Scott Hamilton,Herschel Walker,Tom Green,Khloe Kardassian,Claudia Jordan,Natalie Gulbis,Andrew Dice Clay and Tionne Watkins get fired!!! Of course my sadistic side delights in seeing them get fired!!! I knew about Andrew Dice Clay before this but he was obviously thrown in as a wild card and didn't last long! Tionne Watkins was someone I did not know about and she was brain dead as she volunteered to go into the boardroom! Next!!! Scott Hamilton was an ice skater that I did not know and he did not last long.Melissa Rivers is a celebrity purely from her mother and I hope you saw her go crazy when she was fired!!! Natalie Gulbis was a golf player with about as much charisma as Donald Trump's hair!!! Claudia Jordan was a pretty model from Deal or no Deal but totally out of her depth.Brian Mcknight is a RnB singer who again I did not know but surprised me by doing well early on.Then after he came back, from a break he just gave up.Khloe Kardassian is another for my "Who the hell is she?" file and I just remember her lazing around in boots.Herschel Walker was another I never heard of but he was quiet and not too bad.Clint Black came across as very able but liked to do things his way and Tom Green seemed very creative but a bit scatter brained!!! I knew about Dennis Rodman before the show and he was exactly how I expected him to be!! A big surprise was Jesse James who I had heard was some car guy but he was a great worker.Brande Roderick(pictured) was a surprise also as its easy to think of her as a dumb blonde but she showed quite a bit of work rate rather than her body!! That would have been better though! Then we get to Annie Duke and Joan Rivers.Annie was the definitive poker player.Always thinking of her next move and very shrewd whereas Joan seemed to continually play the Martyr.She wanted sympathy from everyone from what she thought of a conniving backstabber in Annie.The big let down in the whole show is Donald Trumps treatment of the headliners.Probably the biggest in name recognition were Dennis Rodman and Joan Rivers.I predicted early on that one of these would wind up winning.If you saw it and remember that when Tom was fired, Rodman just stayed in his hotel room.Any one else would have been fired.As Annie said in the finale, if anyone said half the things Joan Rivers said, then they would be fired in real life.I was surprised and let down that Trump did not reel Joan in.When Melissa got fired they were like a bunch of kids going for a sulk!!! In the end...............and stop reading if you do not want to know who won............................the winner was Tom Green!!! Well,he was very funny in the finale but no, the real winner was Joan.For me, it was a real "say it ain't so" moment as I felt that trump should have known better.It was obvious that he favoured Joan all along as they were friends just as he is with Rodman.I did not see the last series but from all accounts Piers Morgan won from the money he raised.Here,Annie raised more but still lost.If you still think Trump made the right choice ,ask yourself who would you hire to do a task in the morning? Someone who might throw a tantrum or someone who gets the job done? Joan Rivers kept trying to personalise everything as she knew the natural reaction from her friend Trump would be to help/keep her.Trump should have listened to his own tag line for the apprentice.............Its not personal............Its business. Amanda says: I agree with Jigsaw when he says that Joan Rivers made it all about personal attacks and I really dislike her because of the things that she said to Annie. She is an old woman who should know better and I am really shocked that Trump couldn't see how mean and nasty she really is. I am sure that some day, she will meet her match. Just because you can shout louder than everyone else, that doesn't mean that you have anything interesting to say. She is a really nasty person and I really don't think that she deserved to win at all.I liked Clint Black, but he was never going to win!!!!(He's too nice!)


shawn butler said...

You have never heard of Herschel Walker??

He was one of the best college runnign backs of all time! Turn off NBC and turn on ESPN lol.

Amanda said...

just to clarify, maybe in the u.s. you are more familiar with these people, but over here,in europe, they are not well-known!

shawn butler said...

lol they are not a big deal here either!

Jigsaw said...

Yes, I have never heard of him! Sorry to all the fans of his! I know of Brett Favre tho.He was in Theres Something about Mary! How do you pronounce his name? Is it "Farrve" or "Favour" I still don't know, just like Ben Stiller! I remember hearing of another guy called the Refridgerator as he was so big.Question---if you are 5 foot 8 and light and lean, could you play American football at the top level?!!!

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