Friday, May 22, 2009

Eaten Alive(1977)

This horror movie wasn't easy to find, but I finally got it and sat down to watch it earlier today. I was not sure what to expect as this was labelled a 'video nasty' years ago, which of course means that it became more popular as a result! It is directed by horror movie great Tobe Hooper and it stars a very young Robert Englund and Marylin Burns from Texas Chainsaw Massacre(1974) which I have reviewed here.The movie begins with a prostitute at a sleazy brothel in the middle of nowhere. She is very reluctant to have sex with Buck(Englund) who wants to do things she won't. She screams and brings in the owner of the brothel, Miss Hattie, who looks like a total weirdo! The prossie is thrown out of the brothel and she wanders as far as The Starlight Hotel which is run by the local psycho Judd(Neville Brand). Judd has a little friend in the shape of a giant crocodile who is his pet! He welcomes the young girl and he brings her bag upstairs for her. He suddenly realises that she is one of the whores from the brothel and he kills her and feeds her to his pet!For some reason, he has something against whores!!! Next comes a family, a mother, Faye(Burns) and dad, Roy(William Finley) and their little daughter,Angie(Kyle Richards). They have a dog with them and when it runs under the fence and gets eaten by the croc, all hell breaks loose and the little girl is crying and hysterical. They take her up to a room to try and calm her down. Judd is walking around mumbling something and when the dad goes down with a shotgun to shoot the croc, he is killed and fed to the monster too. Then, along comes a dad and daughter who are looking for the whore who is now in the belly of the croc. Judd can't help them and they go to the local sheriff for help. Sheriff Martin(Stuart Whitman) agrees to try and help them locate her.The dad goes back to the hotel while his daughter Libby(Crystin Sinclaire) goes with the sheriff to get something to eat and talk. Faye is looking for her husband who has been guzzled by the croc and she is taken by surprise when Judd grabs her and ties her up and starts hitting her. Angie sees this and she runs under the house to get away from the psycho. He tries to get her but he sees a car coming so he has to leave it. He ties Faye to a bed and leaves her there. He sees the dad coming back to the hotel and he kills him too and feeds him to his pet. There is no rhyme or reason to the killings, the psycho just kills anyone who gets within five feet of him with his trusty scythe!So, he goes after the little girl again and he tries to get her to come out, but she isn't going to. Then, Buck comes out to the hotel for a bit of fun with his girlfriend and Judd doesn't want him there. Eventually, Buck gets pushed into the water and is another snack for the ever-hungry croc. His girlfriend gets away and Judd knows that it a matter of time before he is caught. Libby finds Faye tied up and she lets her out as Judd tries to get the kid. They are chased by him and his scythe, but they run outside and Faye is hit, but he doesn't kill her. They push Judd into the water and he is eaten by the crocodile. How's that for justice? All that is left of him is his wooden leg floating on the water.... This movie is a bit silly, but it is great fun and there are some really strange characters in it. I am going to give it a 7/10..


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