Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fanboys Movie Review 26

Fanboys(2009) is a movie starring mostly unknown actors but full of cameos from more well-known stars. It is about four hardcore Star Wars fans who are so looking forward to the release of The Phantom Menace that they go on a road trip to steal a copy of the movie. This is before the movie has been released and one of them has cancer so they decided to go on a quest to steal the movie from George Lucas's home!!!
It is full of Star Wars jokes and how much they love the movies so if you are a fan of Star Wars you will love this movie. They go through many adventures on their way there and one of them even gets to meet his Internet girlfriend with hilarious results. Along the way, they meet Billy Dee Williams playing a judge named Judge Reinhold!! They meet Carrie Fisher playing a doctor and even William Shatner shows up at a pivotal part!! They also meet Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes of Jay and Silent Bob fame and Seth Rogan plays multiple parts to great effect! There are some hilarious scenes with him playing a hardcore Star Trek fan and every cameo is done perfectly! The stars do not overstay their welcome and really keep the story moving along. Accompanying the four fanboys on their trip is their friend who is a girl played by Kristen Bell from Heroes. she is especially lovely in her Leia outfit as you can see here!!

The climax is when they get to Skywalker Ranch, the home of George Lucas. The guards there are all decked out like the guards in THX1138 which is a great touch, THX1138 being a movie George Lucas made. They find mementos from movies George was involved in like the book from Willow, Indy's hat and of course, Star Wars memorabilia. This is a movie about fanboys for fanboys so if you like Star Wars, you should love this and all the in-jokes. If you are not a Star Wars fan you will probably think that it is silly and pointless. If you are a fan, go see this now and have a great laugh as I did! I would recommend this to all Star Wars devotees!!

Fanboys (8/10)


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