Thursday, May 21, 2009

Paul Blart Mall Cop(2009)

This movie was out a few months ago and I saw it then. It is a comedy starring Kevin James,Keir O Donnell and Jayma Mays. It is directed by Steve Carr who has done comedies such as Daddy Day Care(Oh No!) and Are We Done Yet(even worse!).Paul Blart(Kevin James) is a security guard in a mall(big surprise!) and he loves his job with all of his heart. He is well-known by everyone working there but he really wants to be a cop. He passed most of the physical exam, despite being heavy, but he passed out at the last hurdle because he has hypoglycemia. We find out that he has a daughter, Maya and that he lives with his mom. He was married but is now divorced as his ex-wife only married him to get a green card. His family want him to begin dating again, but he isn't too bothered. They convince him to sign up for some online dating agency. He has his eye on someone at work called Amy(Jayma Mays) but he isn't sure if she likes him. There is a new guy starting called Veck Sims and Paul has to train him. He takes Amy to her car that evening and they get along well. But, when he is on a night out with her, he gets very drunk and embarrasses himself in front of her. He is mortified and he thinks that she won't like him any more. It is Black Friday, the busiest day in the mall and Paul is on patrol when a gang breaks into the mall after hours and set up camp. They capture everyone, including Amy. But, Paul is messing around in the mall and they don't find him. The gang have some plan to take the numbers of credit cards and make millions. Paul eventually cops on to them and he sees that it is the new trainee Veck, who is the leader of the gang! He is desperate to get Amy out of danger and she sees him outside the bank where they are being held. There are lots of twists and turns as Paul tries to think of what to do. The baddies seem to be skateboarders and very athletic guys which seems a bit strange, but they can't seem to catch Paul when they realise that he is there. He becomes an unlikely hero and he saves the day...Paul has a radio and he keeps in touch with the cops outside. But, the gang grab Paul's daughter when she arrives for work and they have the upper hand. He dispatches some of the baddies, but when he tries to get Veck, he fails. He chases after him when he escapes and in the end he gets him and he gets the girl. This movie was silly in some parts, but very funny in others. It is probably more of a family movie but that doesn't make it bad. Kevin James carries the whole movie on his shoulders and the others are just there to support him. It is worth seeing though and it is much better than another mall cop movie out this year, Observe and Report. I will give it a 6.5/10.


Ailurophile said...

Thanks for the interesting review of this, and the other movies. Like your blog. Your tuxie cat 'Kitty' is very cute :)

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