Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2(1986)

This is the sequel to Tobe Hooper's cult favourite, Texas Chainsaw Massacre(1974) which I have reviewed here. This is also directed by Tobe Hooper and it is a worthy follow up to such a famous movie. Dennis Hopper stars as 'Lefty' and Jim Siedow is back as 'The Cook'....The movie begins on a stretch of road in Texas where high school kids are on their way to Dallas. They are messing around with their cars and they are drunk. They happen to call a local d.j. Vanita 'Stretch' Brock(Caroline Williams) and they annoy her. She keeps them on the phone and she finds that they are playing chicken on the road when they meet a large pick-up truck who wants to play with them. Leatherface appears with his chainsaw and attacks the horrified kids. They end up crashing and it is all broadcast live on air to the d.j. who is not sure if it is real or a joke.Remember Sally from the first movie? Well, her uncle is 'Lefty' Enright(Hopper), a former Texas Ranger who has an unhealthy interest in Leatherface and co. He has never discovered what happened to his niece and he wants to find the chainsaw killers. He is not respected by the cops and he doesn't get much help from them. He manages to get himself in the paper and the d.j. sees it and comes to him with a tape of the other night and the boys crashing. Lefty tells her to play it live on air but she isn't sure. She eventually plays it and the good old boys at chainsaw farm hear it and they arrive at the radio station to have a word with 'Stretch'. She meets Chop Top(Bill Moseley) and then Leatherface appears with his best friend, his chainsaw. This begins a big chase around the station as the two freaks try to kill her and when she is cornered by Leatherface, she charms him and he doesn't kill her. He lets Chop Top believe that she is dead.The two weirdos have killed her co-worker at the station and he is brought back to their shack for dinner. Stretch follows them(oh, why?) She ends up inside their cavern of horror. There are Christmas lights all over the caves that they call home. Of course, they live in an abandoned carnival ground, so nobody will come a-calling! Lefty turns up at the carnival grounds looking for Stretch and the freaks. He has bought some nice chainsaws of his own so he can join in on he carve-up! Stretch is nabbed by one of the freaks and brought to their lair. They bring her to the dinner table and she is the guest of honour! Lefty is on the trail, though and he prepares for a showdown between himself and Leatherface. There is a grenade explosion, though and Lefty and most of the freaks are killed(we think...) Only Stretch and Chop Top survive. They have a battle on top of a tower and Chop Top falls off and is killed(or is he?). The movie ends with Stretch holding the chainsaw and doing the 'Leatherface Dance'!I liked this movie and I think that it is the best of the sequels. I am going to give it an 8/10.


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