Thursday, July 9, 2009

Army of Darkness Movie Review

This is the third movie in the Evil Dead series. I have reviewed the first Evil Dead here and the second one here. It is directed by Sam Raimi and stars Bruce Campbell, of course!
We begin at the end of the last movie. Ash(Campbell) fell from the sky and he was surrounded by an army.They are afraid of him and they take him as a prisoner. He is taken to the Pit to be killed along with other prisoners. He is in medieval England and he has been captured by Lord Arthur (Marcus Gilbert). He is suspected of being one of Duke Henry's men. Duke Henry(Richard Grove) has been captured alongside him. They watch as one poor man is thrown into the Pit and is killed. It is Ash's turn next and he is toppled into it. He sees a demon at the bottom of it and he fights it when the Wise Man(Ian Abercrombie) throws him his weapons. He is hailed as a hero by the people and they are afraid of him.He lets Duke Henry and his men go. He gets great treatment after that from everyone and he even gets some loving from a gal called Sheila(Embeth Davidtz).

He talks to the Wise Man about getting home and he tells Ash that he needs the Necronomicon to get back. He sets off to try and get it. The evil is present in the woods and he flees to an old windmill for shelter. The evil tries to get in, but he blocks it.He breaks a mirror and the reflections of himself come out of it and they try to kill him with hilarious results. These scenes are very funny and he tries to kill them one by one. One of them jumps down Ash's throat and they cause an evil Ash to be created. They fight and Ash manages to kill it and bury it. He sets off on his quest again. He comes to a graveyard and finds the book. But, there are three copies. He has to choose one of them so he opens the first one. He gets sucked into a vortex, but manages to escape. The second book bites his hand . He comes to the third one and he tries to remember the words that the Wise Man told him to say when he got to the book. He mumbles the words and he thinks that he has gotten away with it.He grabs the book and he goes back to the castle.

He has unleashed an army of the dead on the world and he doesn't know it yet. His evil twin rises from the dead and he starts to raise his troops for battle.
Ash wants to go home and leave the people to their doom, but he changes his mind when Sheila is captured and taken by one of the Deadites. She is turned into one of them. Ash becomes the leader of the army and they rally together to try and defeat the army of darkness which is coming. Ash makes some combat gear and he teaches the army some moves.He asks Duke Henry and his men to help them too.They are finally ready and as the army of darkness approaches , they realise that they are under manned and that they need all the help they can get, but Duke Henry is nowhere to be seen. The evil army comes and attacks them and there is a great battle between good and evil. The good side are almost defeated when Duke Henry comes to the rescue and they manage to kill off the evil army and protect the book.

Sheila wakes up and she is back to herself. Ash decides to go home and the Wise Man gives him a potion to help him. He goes to a cave and he seals himself in. He is supposed to drink six drops so that he will arrive in his own time, but he takes more and when he awakens and looks outside, he is faced with the world after a nuclear disaster. He is the only one left.....I know that this is not the theatrical ending, but this is the one I saw and it is better than the other ending, I think. I liked this a lot and it was very funny. It is a pity that his new movie, Drag Me To Hell, which I reviewed here, is not as good. This movie was everything I like about horror movies and I would watch it again. It gets an 8/10 from me!


Geof said...

Evil Dead series is my favorite and Bruce Campbell rules!

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