Saturday, July 18, 2009

Death Spa Movie Review

Well, what can I say about this movie? It is a strange one. It is set in a health club and it is pretty poor. It is directed by Michael Fischa(no, don't know him either) and it stars William Bumiller and Brenda Bakke.
The Star Body Health Spa is owned by Michael Evans(Bumiller). The spa is run by computers which switch everything on and off. The computers are the brainchild of Michael's ex- brother in law, David(Merritt Butrick). David and Michael do not get on as David blames Michael for his sister's death. David's sister, Catherine was married to Michael and she was in a wheelchair. She died when she set herself on fire. Michael's girlfriend, Laura(Bakke) is in the spa one night along when she is locked in the steam room and burned. She is rushed to hospital. The cops are called in and they snoop around to see if anyone had a reason to hurt Laura.

Meanwhile, there are more strange goings on as somebody loosens the bolts on the diving board and some poor woman almost gets killed. The cops look at the computer to see if they can find anything to show them what happened, but there is nothing. David is not happy to see them prying. Michael and David have words. There are more incidences such as the water coming on boiling hot in the ladies showers. Mike asks the manager, Priscilla(Alexa Hamilton) about it, but she claims not to know anything. Meanwhile, some poor guy is ripped apart by the weight machine. Other people are getting hurt and getting killed! This is where the movie gets confusing.

We find out that Michael's lawyer and Priscilla have been tampering with stuff around the gym trying to put Michael out of business. But, the killings continue and we find out that it is actually David who is killing people. But that's not all. Dead Catherine has taken over David's body and she is making him do these horrible things. So, at a party, Catherine comes out and she starts killing people. She has come for Michael too and she tries to kill him and Laura. Catherine can work machines(???) just by looking at them! So, anyway, Michael rescues Laura from a tanning death!!! Michael blows up the computers resulting in Catherine's death. She stirs for one last time before collapsing. She is dead. And so is this movie.....

Not great, average stuff. I am giving this one a 4/10.


Tower Farm said...

This movie is so crazy. It tries to squash about eight genres into one and comes out as a completely incomprehensible mess.

I'd wager that the script was changed about a dozen times before filming actually began, and by the end nobody knew what was going on!

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