Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Night To Dismember Movie Review

This movie is one of the worst that I have ever seen and I have watched some stinkers in my time, but this takes the cake. It was ridiculous. It is directed by Doris Wishman who did porn movies before this one....

The 'story' begins with a detective called Tim O' Malley who is telling us the story of the Kent family and some murders that happened. He goes through different murders and then he comes to Vicky Kent who killed two boys and was committed to a mental institution. She gets out five years later and her brother Billy and her sister Mary don't want her back so they hatch a plan to get her put back in the mental institution. Are you with me so far? Good because this movie loses its plot and it becomes a real mess...
There is plenty of cheesy music and some really really really BAD acting. The 'actors' can hardly string a sentence together and when they do, they sound like robots. There is no emotion or feeling in their voices. It is like some nightmare that you can't escape from. You keep hoping that it might get better, but it just gets worse as Billy and Mary try to drive Vicky insane again. There is some decent killing and gore in it, but that isn't enough to hold my interest. The whole movie loses its plot and there are silly scenes which don't even make sense. I really got irritated with it and even though I stuck with it till the end, I was glad when it was over.
The detective makes an entrance near the end as he 'investigates' the murders and then HE murders Vicky..The sister Mary is the one who was killing people and Vicky was innocent all along. How about that for a twist? Mary was last seen getting into a taxi with her suitcase. What is in her case, I hear you ask? Well she has packed her trusty axe and the poor lad in the taxi is going to get murdered as Mary heads into the city...There is a voice over in the end looking for information about Mary's whereabouts and the detective appeals for help in locating her.
This movie was crap. I know that some people probably love it and that's great if you have the endurance to sit through this rubbish. Me, I would rather pull my toenails out than watch this ever again. It gets a paltry 1/10 and that is just because there were some interesting death scenes.


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