Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hells Kitchen Season 6, Episode 8 Recap

I am back with another installment of Hell's Kitchen. Last week, Robert was given the boot and it was the end of his time in Hell's Kitchen. He really wasn't able to keep up with the others and it was too dangerous for him to be working in that scenario. Andy had a narrow escape and he realised that.

So, this week, the guys know that Andy is the weakest link on the team and they want him out. They think that he needs to go as he is dragging the team down. There is a challenge, as usual, and this week, it is the taste challenge. They each have to taste a certain amount of food and identify it. You would think that they would have no problems doing this, but they are not very good. The girls win the challenge and they are delighted. They get to go to a restaurant with Chef Ramsay where they eat in the dark. The guys have to prepare sorbets for that evening's service and they have to sort through the fruit etc. They are not happy when the girls come back and rub it in their faces..

So, that evening, service begins and the girls are beginning to turn on Suzanne. I can see why because Suzanne is very bossy and loud and just plain annoying! She knows that they are all against her and she doesn't seem to care. The two teams have to serve the sorbet as well as cook their food so they have their work cut out for them... Tenille tries to give advice to Suzanne, but it falls on deaf ears..Kevin and Ariel have to step out of the kitchen to serve the sorbets and the teams are under pressure. Amanda is very slow in the kitchen and Chef Ramsay is losing patience with her. She seems like she is in her own world and that she just takes everything at her own pace...

Suzanne puts pressure on Sabrina to get her meat out and it is undercooked. Sabrina gets in trouble and she is very annoyed with Suzanne, as is the rest of the the team. That girl is not popular..Sabrina is made eat the horrible lamb by Chef Ramsay. The men run out of mashed potatoes and there is a hullabaloo about that too..Suzanne makes a mistake with the fish and she sets the girls team back. They are all sharpening their knives and waiting to get a shot at her... The girls team loses and Tenille is told to choose 2 people for elimination. Needless to say, one of them is Suzanne and the other is Sabrina. Chef Ramsay calls out Amanda too and she is kicked out of Hell's Kitchen...

So, will we ever get rid of Suzanne?He is probably just keeping her because it is fun to watch the ladies squabble...Time will tell...Until next week, that is all from Hell's Kitchen..


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