Saturday, September 19, 2009

Legion Movie Trailer

I just saw this trailer and I like it already. Legion is a movie about God deciding to get rid of man once and for all. The Aplocalypse begins and there seems to be no hope, but then an angel comes and tries to help a woman who is pregnant and carrying the next Messiah...The trailer looks very good and I am looking forward to this one already.It isn't out until January, but it should be good.Watch the trailer and see what you think.


Watch Online Movies said...

I just the trailers of thi movie. Movie is looking good. It will be released in the month of Jan. another movie directed by "Scott Stewart". I can't wait more for this movie.

nit said...

There has been a long time to the advent of some teeth chattering movie. From some months the spine chiller fans were feeling as they won’t get chance now to ogle at some strange movie that would strike terror in their dull lives. However, there seems a silver lining of the cloud with Legion movie. I count on that we haven’t knock down to such a terrific movie ever. I guess, now the further move one should take is to download Legion movie.

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