Sunday, October 11, 2009

Zombieland Movie Review 54

Zombieland was a movie I was looking forward to seeing for some time as I saw the trailer and it looked really good and guess what? It was! It is directed by Ruben Fleischer and it stars Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin.

It begins with a voice over by Columbus(Eisenberg). He tells us that zombies have taken over the planet and it is now called Zombieland. He is in Texas and he wants to get home to Columbus, Ohio to see his parents. He doesn't have anyone with him and he just survives day to day. He has his own rules which keep him from getting eaten by the zombies!He is chased by zombies and he has a shotgun to protect himself. He meets Tallahassee(Harrelson) who drives along in a black jeep. He is an eccentric character and he hates zombies! Columbus gets a ride with Tallahassee. Tallahassee is seeking something that will make him happy- a Twinkie! He has searched far and wide for one, but he cannot get it.

The two are like chalk and cheese, but they get along okay. We get a glimpse of Columbus when he was younger and he was a reclusive young man who spent most of his time on his computer. He was in his apartment when a young attractive girl came in and said that she was bitten by some homeless guy. She rests on his shoulder, but suddenly, she turns into a zombie and he has to kill her. That is the beginning of his nightmare. Columbus and Tallahassee go into a store looking for Twinkies and they see a young woman in there. She has a younger girl with her and she tells them that the young girl has been bitten and it is a matter of time before she turns. Tallahassee gives her his gun to shoot the girl and the older girl turns on them and they realise that they have been conned. She takes their car keys and their gun.

The two guys find another van and they set out on the road. In the back of the van is loads of guns in bag and they are delighted! They guys come across the girls car abandoned in the road and they are conned yet again by the ladies. They all ride together this time. Columbus calls the older girl(Stone) Wichita and the younger one (Breslin) is called Little Rock. The girls are sisters and they are going to some amusement park because they went there when they were younger and they want to experience it again. The group reach Hollywood and Tallahassee takes them to Bill Murray's house where they eat and drink to their hearts content. Suddenly, Bill Murray appears and they think that he is a zombie, but he tells them that it is make up that he wears so he can blend in with the zombies. Tallahassee is in awe of Bill and they chat etc while Columbus and Little Rock watch Ghostbusters. Unfortunately, Bill plays a trick on Columbus and pretends to be a zombie but Columbus kills him.

They stay in the house overnight and we find out that Tallahassee had a son but he died. Columbus and Wichita almost get it on, but they are disturbed by the others. The next day, the girls take off, leaving the guys behind. The girls arrive at their destination and they find the controls of the amusements and light everything up(dumb!). This brings all of the zombies to the park and the girls are in big trouble. The two guys are going to go their separate ways but they decide to go and help the gals. There are laughs aplenty in this movie and it is refreshing to see a good horror/comedy. I really enjoyed this movie and I would have to say that it is best one I have seen in a while. Woody Harrelson was brilliant in it! I recommend this to anyone who likes a good laugh and zombies!!! This gets a 10/10.


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