Monday, December 7, 2009

Sorority Sister Slaughter Movie Review 77

This movie is very low-budget. It is directed by Susan Hippen. There are no stars in it, just a group of actors who could do much better than star in this movie. It ain't great, it ain't good!!!It is just plain BAAAADDDD!!This movie is 'based on a true story'.

The movie begins in 1959 in L.A. with a young girl called Dahlia(Tafne Ellington) crying over her boyfriend who has gone off with someone else and left her pregnant. She is in a sorority and her pals are trying to get her to come out of the bathroom where she has locked herself in. Her boyfriend is called Billy Bart. She tries to give herself a home abortion and she dies of blood loss. We cut to present day and a new bunch of sorority sisters have moved into that same house where Dahlia died all those years before. The girls look around the house. They have no electricity or phone yet.

They are not impressed with the old place. They wander around and pick out their bedrooms. The girls are bitchy head of the cheerleaders, her sidekick, a wishy- washy spiritual girl and a couple of others. One of the girls finds a ring in the bathroom. It belonged to Dahlia. The house is spooky and chairs move around etc. Their watches stop in the house. While the girls are messing around with stuff in the house, there are three guys trying to break in. They are their boyfriends or something. Dahlia is lurking around in the house waiting to come up behind someone and kill them! The girls discuss the case of Red Dahlia and they talk about what happened in the house all those years ago. One of them makes fun of the Dahlia. They have a Ouija Board and they try to contact the Red Dahlia. They get a message that the ghost wants life.

The guys are discovered in the house and there are some sexual scenes which are just plain stupid. People start to get bumped off by the Dahlia in some interesting and just plain strange ways! Most of gals and guys get killed and there are only two left who try and escape from the Dahlia. One of the girls calls up Billy Bart and gets him to come over to the house. Dahlia and Billy have a confrontation and everything is weird. They seem to have gotten rid of her from the house, but then the ending is all strange and silly.

Watch this movie at your own risk. I watched it and I really felt that it was very poorly made and executed. The camera work was pretty bad and it is obvious that not much money went into this film. The plot weaves all over the place and it is just hard to give a crap about the characters in this . It is a bad movie and that is all there is to it. It gets a very weak 2/10.


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