Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Blackout Movie Review 99

The Blackout is a horror movie in the vein of Cloverfield and REC. It  is directed by Robert David Sanders and it stars some unknowns.

So, everything blacks out for a few minutes on Christmas Eve. Then, everything comes back to normal and everybody's phone rings at the same time. There are tremors and buildings start collapsing. The residents of an apartment building are wondering what has happened. A young boy sees strange creatures and it seems as if there has been an invasion of Alien-type creatures. A young girl gets into an elevator and heads off on her own!!Like that is so clever!!!The lights go off again all over the city and everyone is left in darkness.An amateur DJ is on the radio trying to find out what is happening.

The residents get together and try to find out what to do. They see a woman being dragged away and they hear ungodly noises from the creatures. All of them try to escape from the building.They wander all over the place and get picked off one by one by the Alien creatures. They are super beings with a thirst for human blood!!Sound familiar? This has been done so many times and much much better than this movie. Anyway, the Super of the building goes looking for the residents and gets munched by an Alien. The rest of the movie is taken up with the residents trying to get away from the things. They are coming up from the ground now. Anyway, some of them make it out of the building only to find that there is a huge Alien thing coming up from the ground and that they have taken over the city!! This movie was rubbish and I would not watch it again. I just didn't like it. It gets a terrible 1/10.


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