Friday, February 12, 2010

Sorority Row Movie Review 103

Sorority Row is a remake of the 1983 movie The House on Sorority Row. It is directed by Stewart Hendler and it stars Carrie Fisher and Rumer Willis.

The movie begins with some girls who are the usual airheads and they are at some party. They play a joke on some young guy and they try to convince him that he has killed one of their friends,Megan. He believes them and they drive out to some deserted place to get rid of the body. The guy, Garrett(Matt O' Leary) decides to finish her off by stabbing her with a tire iron, not realising that she wasn't dead already. The bitchy girls have to decide what to do and they all agree to bury her and pretend that she has gone missing. They argue about it and some of them want to tell the cops, but they threaten to blame the murder on them, so they all have no choice but to leave Megan there and go back to their lives.

Cut to graduation day and the girls are all getting text messages with a picture of the tire iron used to kill Megan. It is their last night in the sorority house and they are going to have a party. Their sorority mother, Mrs. Crenshaw(Carrie Fisher) gives them a present each and leaves them to enjoy their last night. After, this people begin to drop like flies.The funny thing about this movie is that I was glad to see the young witches getting their comeuppance. There was not one character I had sympathy for and I found that they were all devoid of any sort of depth. So, you can imagine that they are all dying and then there is the inevitable scene where the survivors get out etc etc. I was bored by this stage.

I did not like this movie as you probably guessed and I would never want to sit through it again. It was terrible and if it was supposed to be a remake of that other movie, well, it was one of the worst ones I have seen so far. This is crap. Avoid it at all costs.It just barely deserves its 1/10.


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