Friday, March 12, 2010

Day of The Dead Movie Review 110

So, we have come to the final movie in the trilogy of zombie movies made by George A. Romero. Day of the Dead is the last of these. It stars Lori Cardille, Terry Alexander and Sherman Howard as Bub.

This movie begins with a woman called Sarah(Lori Cardille) sitting in a room staring at a calender which shows that it is October. There are days marked off in red ink. She touches the calender and loads of zombie hands reach out to grab her. She suddenly wakes up and it is a dream. She is in a helicopter with John(Terry Alexander) and Bill(Jarlath Conroy)and a nervous looking guy called Miguel(Anthony Dileo Jr.). They are looking for survivors but all they find is endless hordes of zombies. They return to their base which is an underground army bunker. It turns out that Sarah is part of a scientific research team. They are looking for a way to stop the zombie infestation. There are army men assigned to protect them from the zombies. Sarah and her party capture some of the zombies for experimentation by the crazy scientist, Dr. Logan(Richard Liberty). He is nicknamed Dr. Frankenstein by the army guys.

Logan has caught one zombie and he has called him Bub. He is trying to teach Bub to lose his aggression and he appetite for human flesh by humanising him. He tries to teach him how to speak and he tries to teach him how to pick up a phone etc. Of course, the army guys led by the insane Captain Rhodes(Joseph Pilato) is not having any of this and he wants results or he is going to shut the whole thing down. Sarah finds that she is targeted for a lot of the abuse from the army men because she is the only woman there. She has to put up with their crass comments and their snide remarks. They all begin to argue as food gets short and they see no end to this hiding out in the bunker. Rhodes is a loose cannon and he becomes even more dangerous as he threatens to kill the scientific team.

So, some of the men get attacked by the zombies as they are trying to catch them and Miguel is bitten. He is tended to by Sarah who severs his arm to save him. The army guys want to kill Miguel as they think he will turn into a monster. The captain tells  Sarah that she can stay with Bill, John and Miguel and that they can fend for themselves. But, Rhodes discovers that Logan is feeding the dead soldiers to Bub and he loses his mind. He kills Logan and he takes Sarah and Bil prisoner. As John is the only pilot, Rhodes tells him that he will kill his friends if he does not come with them and get them out. He puts Sarah and Bill into the tunnel where the zombies are and they have to fight their way out. Meanwhile, Miguel lets all of the zombies into the bunker and chaos ensues. Bub sees that Logan is dead and he goes mad and kills Rhodes. Sarah, Billy and John get to the helicopter and fly out as the zombies take over. The last scene is of the three on a desert island enjoying the sun......


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