Monday, March 1, 2010

Legion Movie Review 106

Legion is a movie starring Paul Bettany as the angel Michael who has been sent to earth to wipe out mankind. He is sent down to Earth along with some other angels to kill all humans as God has decided that we are a waste of time. The good news is that Michael decides that we ARE worth saving and he goes onto our side instead. At a remote diner on the highway, we see a group of people inside who are the usual bunch of diverse characters. There is the owner Bob Hanson played by Dennis Quaid, his soon Jeep Hanson played by Lucas Black, the cook, played by Charles S. Dutton and the usual girl with a guy's name! She is Charlie and she is the waitress and she is eight months pregnant. What she is doing still working is unexplained!!!

In one booth there is the usual annoying couple played by Jon Tenney and Kate Walsh along with their pretty daughter played by Willa Holland.Along comes Tyrese Gibson into this diner as he is lost and he wants to use the phone. Later a sweet old granny arrives but she turns nasty! She has fangs and promises that they will all die. She tries to attack them all but they manage to fight her off. Then along comes the angel Michael who says they must defend the unborn baby from an oncoming army sent by God! The good thing is that he has a car full of weapons for everyone there! God sends the angel Gabriel who was Micheal's former friend down to kill the baby and he is played by Kevin Durand.

Legion has the usual motley crew of characters in a remote diner in a last stand against an army of demonic angels. It has bits taken from other movies such as the unborn baby scenario like The Terminator but I liked it. There is some good action and the movie only lasts an hour and a half. I did find myself almost shouting at the annoying couple and some stupid decisions taken by characters in it. This was due to them falling for deer traps but that is the usual thing in these type of movies. It is a bit predictable but it is nowhere near as bad as some reviews say on IMDB. It is a movie you should check out but don't be in any rush to see it! It would be okay as a rental if you like seeing people in a last stand type movie.

Legion- 7/10


Anonymous said...

So far Amanda has never led me wrong, but had I read this review before I watched Legion, I'd been stomping my foot at her.

After watching the trailer, I looked forward to this movie, but I was completely disappointed. The story was interesting, but Charlie was annoying, and Dennis Quaid's acting was out right sad and disappointing for such an interesting actor.

I can't remember if I turned this one off or fell asleep. But I don't even care enough about it to finish the ending.

Sorry Amanda!

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