Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hell's Kitchen, Season 7 Episode 8 Review

I'm back with another episode of Hell's Kitchen. Last week, Salvatore knew his number was up and Ben was turning into a nasty little guy, so let's see what happened this week.

Ben begins by laying into Siobhan and I am wondering what has happened to that quiet guy? Maybe he was better to keep his mouth shut. Siobhan might not be the best cook but there is no need to keep putting her down. I don't like that at all. So, anyway,they go to a restaurant and sample sandwiches which they are expected to make when they get back to the kitchen. The red team have to decide which sandwich is the worst and they choose Siobhan's. She is not happy with this as she thinks hers is better. Chef Ramsay tastes them all and he picks the blue team to win. He tastes Siobhan's sandwich anyway and he tells the red team that if they had used her sandwich, they would have won.. Siobhan is pissed. The blue team are being taken to sample wine and they all get a little tipsy especially Autumn.

In the red kitchen, Ben is after Siobhan again. He criticises her once again and it is getting annoying at this stage. The losing red team have to make peanut butter from scratch. The blue team come back and they are drunk.The red team hopes that they will be too sick to perform the next day. That night, Ed gets his clothes off as they drink even more! The next morning, the blue team are very sick and they are all over the place. That night, Fran is messing up with her risotto. Chef Ramsay is not impressed. The blue team falls down when Autumn messes up on garnish. Siobhan is crawling along and she is bringing down the red kitchen. He sends her out into the dining room and makes her taste her own cooking. When she comes back, Ben throws her off the fish station and she accepts it. Nilka messes up the chicken.

The blue team are really cracking up, especially Autumn. He throws the blue team out of the kitchen. Soon after, he throws the red team out. Ben is frustrated. Chef Ramsay is annoyed with them and he tells them that there is no winner and they have to pick two from each team to go home. Siobhan ends up being kicked out so that should make Ben happy! He would want to watch his step because nobody is safe from now on!


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