Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hell's Kitchen, Season 8, Episode 9 Recap

 Last week, Boris was sent home after a disastrous performance.This week, there are 8 chefs left so it is getting down to the wire now!

Trev is put back onto the men's team this week and he thinks that he will get along better, but the others don't seem too happy to have him back. It is his last chance to shine. That cow Sabrina is delighted that he has gone.She is very unpleasant(that's putting it nicely). The chefs have their challenge this week. They have the blind taste test. Neither teams do very well and you would really think that chefs would be able to taste ingredients but most of them are useless. The girls just scrape a victory thanks to Nona. The guys are not happy. They have to go through the trash for recycling and they have to prep both kitchens. The ladies go shopping and have dinner. The men are still annoyed with Trev and they are being very ignorant to him. They are not helping him at all. He seems to be very unpopular with everyone. 

Service begins and Rob starts to sink straight away. He can't seem to cook his scallops properly.It happens again and Chef Ramsay is pissed! Nona is having a bad service. She is having problems with chicken. Sabrina is doing well and she is really obnoxious.Nona is taking too long with her meat and she gets into trouble with Chef Ramsay(Watch video above). She annoys him by answering him back and he kicks her out of the kitchen. Vinnie makes a mistake with his spinach and he gets shouted at. He gets thrown out too. Rob pushes Chef Ramsay over the edge and he throws him out too.Russell joins them. Trev finishes on his own in the blue kitchen. He isn't as bad as they think.

After service, the men find out that they lost. He praises Trev for running it on his own. He gets to choose two people to send home. Russell and Rob are chosen. Rob is sent home because he just couldn't hack it. Russell is fuming that he was even chosen for elimination!!!!


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