Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ticking Clock Movie Review 155

Ticking Clock is a movie that starts off with Neal McDonough playing someone who is after seemingly killing a woman in a bathtub and he cradles a baby saying that now life will be better.He is covered in blood but we do not know why he has killed the woman. Then we cut to ten years later and we see Academy Award winner Cuba Gooding Jr. as investigative reporter Lewis Hicks who becomes convinced that there is a serial killer at work.He is separated from his wife and has a small child and has a relationship with Felicia Carson played by Veronica Berry.After he has an argument with her, he goes over that night to make up but comes across her dead body and a fleeing killer that we see is Neal McDonough again! He gives chase and has a fight with him in an alleyway but he gets knocked out and when he wakes up the killer is gone.The good thing is that he finds a journal that the killer has made about all his killings and more importantly, future killings.It has future dates and times of murders so Hicks sets about trying to track the murderer down. 

The problem is no one believes him and as he has previous personal issues with the main detective played by Yancey Arias, he does not tell him about the journal that he has found.Hicks gets help from his only friend in the police Gordon played by Dane Rhodes.Every lead that he gets seems to point to a 9 year old orphan who is living in a Boys Home.The problem for Hicks is that as he knows where the killer will strike, he is seen at every crime scene and becomes the chief suspect in all the murders.So Hicks must find the Killer to prove his innocence before the police finds Hicks.

Ticking Clock is only an hour and 40 long so it does not go on for too long.Its the typical serial killer type movie and isn't too bad.Its more of a mystery type movie than an action movie and it did hold my attention until the end.Its not too hard to figure out what is going on but its still worth a watch.The one thing that I did not like was the Hollywood happy ending as it seemed too perfect and too neatly wrapped up.I like Cuba Gooding Jr. but I wish he was in more high profile movies.he is a good actor and is always very likeable in his movies.This movie has an element of Sci Fi mixed in and felt like an episode of Quantum Leap or Star Trek but that's not a bad thing in my view!! Ticking Clock is an average movie that is just about watchable as I was not bored and was interested in it until the end.If you see it on DVD and theres nothing else to watch then it will keep you interested for the hour and a half or so but its not going to blow you away!!! 

Ticking Clock 5/10


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