Monday, January 31, 2011

My Soul To Take Movie Review 162

My Soul To Take is the latest offering from horror maestro, Wes Craven. It stars Max Thieriot, John Magaro and Emily Meade.

The opening to this movie shows a man called Abel who is a bit of a psycho and schizophrenic too. He is worried because he has killed people and his alter ego is The Riverton Ripper. He calls his doctor about it and tells him because he is afraid that he will kill his wife. It's too late. His alter ego has murdered his wife who was pregnant. The baby is still alive.His daughter, Leah sees him and he goes to kill her when a cop shoots him and stops him. Abel makes a few attempts to kill everyone, but he finally stopped when an ambulance with him inside it crashes. The cop survives and so does the paramedic Abel tried to kill. They don't find Abel, though...

Cut to sixteen years later.The local kids from Riverton are celebrating 'Ripper Day'.Seven local kids were born on the night that Abel was supposedly killed. They share their birthday with his demise and they each take a turn to 'kill' him. They have a guy dress up like him and the chosen kid has to kill him and banish him.This year it is the job of Bug(Max Thieriot). He is too scared to do it and the cops come and tell the kids to disperse. The ambulance which was in the accident years ago is a shrine to the kids. Why nobody took it away is  beyond me! The kids think that The Riverton Ripper is coming back. On his way home, one of the kids is killed and we see that the Riverton Ripper has come back for revenge!

This begins the Ripper's rampage through the town. He is determined to kill all of the kids who were born the same night.The same cop from the beginning is on the case. Bug, meanwhile, is losing the plot and there are some really pointless scenes in this movie which could have been taken out altogether. Bug's sister is Leah(Meade)- yes, she is the daughter of Abel who was taken in by her aunt. She and Bug are the children of the Ripper. Bug was the baby left in his dead mother's womb in the beginning. Bug finds out all about this and he is disturbed. Leah tells Bug that their dad, Abel, will be coming back to kill them. Bug is faced with the Ripper as he tries to finish the job he tried to do 16 years ago. This movie has a silly ending which I hated. I won't spoil it for you..

Now, I was really looking forward to this movie. I saw the trailer and it looked as if it had a lot of promise. I was wrong. I was very disappointed with this. It was like Dawson's Creek mixed in with some slasher scenes. It is teen crap and I am really surprised that this comes from Craven. I watched it with an open mind, but half way through, I was just really getting irritated with the silly teens running around and some of the dialogue was just plain stupid. If he wanted to appeal to the teens, then fine, but this movie is lame. I hate to say it because I am a fan of Wes Craven, but this was very poor. It gets a 3/10, just because there were a couple of good scenes, but they did not save this movie.


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