Thursday, January 6, 2011

Red Hill Movie Review 157

Red Hill is a 2010 Australian thriller directed by Patrick Hughes and starring Ryan Kwanten.

Shane Cooper(Kwanten) is a young cop who relocates to Red Hill with his pregnant wife,Alice(Claire van der Boom). His boss is Old Bill(Steve Bisley), a hardened old guy who knows the town inside out. Shane starts his first day and Bill lays down the law. He tells Shane how things work and Shane realises that nothing happens without his knowledge. The day is quiet enough until news comes that a convict called Jimmy Conway(Tommy Lewis) has escaped from prison and is headed to Red Hill to get revenge on the people who put him in prison. Old Bill knows that he will be top of the list.

The local cops begin to spread out and try and find Jimmy. Shane is left on his own with a gun and he is parked on the road into town. He runs into Jimmy and he loses his nerve. Jimmy enters the town and he begins to kill all of the men who put him in prison one by one. Shane is on his tail though and he tries to stop the commanding man who has no mercy on his victims.Jimmy captures Shane but he doesn't kill him. He just takes him somewhere and leaves him there. Jimmy heads back into town and continues on his mission but Shane manages to make it back to town too.

Shane digs into what happened between Jimmy and the locals and he discovers that Jimmy was set up by Old Bill and the others and that they killed his wife and child. Shane is horrified and he wants to bring Old Bill in. Bill finds out that he knows the truth and he handcuffs him to keep him from interfering in his business. Shane manages to escape and he heads after Old Bill. He finds him with Jimmy and Bill tries to get his pals to shoot Jimmy but Shane stops them. He tells Bill he knows what he did to Jimmy. Jimmy shoots Bill and the cops shoot Jimmy, leaving Shane to watch....

This movie was entertaining. It is filmed like a Western and it has that feel about it. I enjoyed it and I thought that Kwanten was good as the lead. It is worth a look and I am giving it 6/10


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