Friday, February 4, 2011

Chain Letter Movie Review 163

Chain Letter is a low budget horror movie written, produced and directed by Deon Taylor. It stars Brad Dourif, Betsy Russell(from the Saw movies) and  Keith David.

This movie begins with a young woman in her garage. She is tied to two cars and it is obvious once the cars drive off, she will be torn in half. We find out that the cars belong to her parents. They don't see her until it is too late and she is killed. Cut to Brad Dourif who is a teacher and he seems to hate technology and he warns against the evils of it. His students think that he is an idiot. A computer nerd called Neil (Cody Kasch) is online when he gets a message from someone saying that he is dead and that he is  link in the chain. He gets a chain letter saying that he has to forward it to five people in 24 hours of he is dead. His sister Rachel(Cherilyn Wilson) sees him and she sends it to five people for him.

So, her pal Johnny(Matt Cohen) gets it and deletes it. Another guy, Mikey(Michael J. Pagan) sends it on to other people. Jesse(Nikki Reed) receives it too but does nothing with it. Johnny is in the gym with a friend of his called Kevin(Eliot Benjamin). Kevin goes away and while he is gone someone attacks Johnny with chains. The cops get on the case when his body is find. There are two cops -Crenshaw(Keith David) and Sergeant Hamill(Betsy Russell) and they look into it. Another pal of Rachel's deletes the chain letter and he meets a sticky end..Are you seeing a pattern here????Crenshaw looks into the chains that the killer used and he finds out who made them.Jesse realises that all of her pals are dropping dead because of the chain letter and she tries to warn Rachel,but it is too late. She is dead. Jesse, Michael and Neil meet up and try to come up with some plan. Neil gets another chain letter but deletes it so the killer deletes him!You see where this is going....I won't give away the ending but it is the vein of the Saw movies!

This movie was entertaining enough. It has the usual teens/ young adults running around getting killed, but it was good fun. There is an interesting thing about this movie which I noticed. In every scene, it seems to be raining. It was funny after a while because the rain never seemed to stop pouring. I wonder if it was intentional or just coincidence... Anyway, this one is getting a 5/10.


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