Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dangerous Calling Movie Review 173

Dangerous Calling is a Christian horror/thriller from 2008. It is directed and written by Jeremiah Daws and his brother Josh Daws. It stars Stephen Caudill and Brandon O' Dell.

The movie begins with a Pastor from a town called Willit Springs getting killed. He had just argued with a local woman called Miss Pat(Jackie Prucha) and her son Elijah(Brandon O' Dell) was hanging around too. A new Pastor called Evan Burke  (Stephen Caudill) and his wife Nora(Carrie L. Walrond) arrive in Willit Springs to take over from the missing Pastor . The couple are staying with Miss Pat and her son. Nora thinks that they are a little strange. Elijah is under his mother's thumb and he mopes around while Miss Pat is a domineering woman who is hellbent on getting her own way. Miss Pat is not too fond of Nora as she thinks that she is too casual about her dress and her ways.

Meanwhile, Evan is finding out that Miss Pat is the real boss of the church and she is telling him what to do. They disagree on things and Evan tries to get her to see his point of view. Nora tries to help around the house and Elijah lets her, but when Miss Pat finds out, she is not happy. She tells her son not to talk to Nora. She tells Nora not to corrupt her son. Miss Pat and Evan disagree when Miss Pat tells him to fire someone and he won't.Elijah puts a snake in Nora's laundry basket and it bites her. Nora tells Evan that she remembers seeing Elijah before she passed out. Nora talks to her friend about Elijah and finds out that when he was a child, he was suspected of killing a classmate. Elijah is following Nora, but Nora finds out that Evan asked him to because he is worried about her.Miss Pat is annoyed when she hears that Nora thinks Elijah is evil and Nora looks foolish when she finds out that Evan sent him after her.

The next day, Evan goes to a retreat, leaving Nora alone with Miss Pat and creepy son. Miss Pat tells her that she is going to kill her and she traps her in the house. Some kids are coming to help Miss Pat on the farm and they don't see Nora. Evan finds out that the previous pastor disagreed with Miss Pat and disappeared and he finally figures out that Miss Pat is not what she seems. He asks a friend of his to check that Nora is okay. His pal goes to Miss Pat's and hears Nora cry but he is killed before he can do anything. Miss Pat takes Nora out on the lake and tells her that she ordered her son to kill the previous pastor and more people besides. She throws Nora into the lake. Evan arrives back and sees what is happening. He saves Nora and they are confronted by Elijah and Miss Pat. Miss Pat shoots her own son by mistake.  The movie ends with Evan leading the church his own way....

This movie was entertaining in its own way. It was not bad for a low budget thriller and I enjoyed it..  Don't be put off because it is a Christian movie. It is worth a look. I give it a 5/10.


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