Friday, June 10, 2011

Priest Movie Review 187

Priest is a 2011 sci-fi/horror film starring Paul Bettany, Karl Urban and Maggie Q(from TV series Nikita). It's directed by a guy called Scott Charles Stewart who also did Legion- starring Paul Bettany as well! It is based on a graphic novel written by Hyung Min-woo. It is a cross between a Western and a horror movie.

Bettany plays Priest who is a vampire killer. There are more priests like him. The world fell into war between humans and vampires and the priests were created to take care of the vampire problem. They forced the vamps to retreat onto reservations and humans hide behind their own walls too.Once the vamps were taken care of, there was no longer a need for the services of the priests. Priest is approached by a guy called Hicks(Cam Gigandet) who tells him that Priest's brother Owen played by Stephen Moyer has been hurt and his wife Shannon who is played by Madchen Amick has been killed by vamps. Their daughter Lucy(Lily Collins) has been kidnapped by the vamps. Priest has to go with Hicks to rescue them. He falls out of favour with his superiors and he is in trouble when he leaves his home. They send priests after him to bring him back. He is faced with a baddie called Black Hat(Urban) and he has to try and get Lucy back and defeat Black Hat.

This is an entertaining movie with a simple plot and it doesn't require too much brain power. It is short which is good. I hate movies that drag on for ages and there is loads of action for people who like that. Bettany is good as the lead character and he has loads of cool gadgets. He has a cool motorcycle and he is good in the part. Maggie Q is good in her part and she is very sexy as usual. She is well able to handle the action and they work well together. All in all, this is a good action movie with some horror thrown in. It is very good and you will not be bored. I liked this and I would watch it again.



Anonymous said...

Nice review, and sounds like something I'd be interested in. I wanted to give it a try since the first time I saw the trailer. Hopefully it will live up to my action expectations.

Jigsaw said...

Thanks, this movie is well worth watching. The action and special effects are pretty good. I dont think you will be disappointed!

Monica said...

The family and I enjoyed this movie the first time we watched it. I hope the kids like it as much the second time. I am looking forward to having them watch it tonight after a long day of camping. My husband and I will setup DISH’s Tailgater and put it on in the camper while we stay outside and get some alone time by the fire. I work for DISH so it was great to know about the tailgater as soon as it came out, I have a feeling the Tailgater will be something we keep on the camping checklist.

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