Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hells Kitchen, Season 9 , Episode 3

So, last week, we said goodbye to Brendan who wasn't up to the challenge. He didn't have what it takes..So let's move onto this week..

The men start arguing over the fact that one of the ladies will be coming over onto their team. The women try and choose someone to go.Carrie volunteers to go onto the men's team(Watch the video above). They are woken the next morning by some very loud clowns..They have to unload a truck full of naan bread. Chef Ramsay asks the red team who is going to be on the men's team and when he hears that it was Carrie, he changes it to Natalie. They have to cook lunch for kids. Jamie served up burnt food and she gets yelled at. The blue team seem to be doing well with Natalie.The red team are fighting once again. Elise is opening her huge mouth and babbles away. The two teams battle to finish the lunch. The blue team win the challenge. Elise and Carrie bicker again and the others jump on the bandwagon. They seem to be picking on Carrie for some reason. The blue team are delighted with themselves. They go to Medieval Times and have fun. The red team have to clean the dining room and they fight amongst themselves once more.

Natalie tells the men her plans for dinner service. They all agree on what to do. On the red team, the girls are bullying Carrie again. That night is family night so Chino and Gina are helping James on the floor. Chino can't keep it together and he can't write the tickets properly. Amanda is messing up in the red kitchen and she looks like a fool. Tommy overcooks his chicken and gets told off. Jennifer cooks things that aren't even on the ticket. Chef Ramsay is pissed. Will takes control of the blue team and everything goes out. On the red team, Amanda can't cook her fish and falls apart. She forgets to put on her fish and she is a total idiot. Natalie is getting behind and she can't seem to catch up.

The red team are keeping their diners waiting. Elise bitches at Carrie. It's beginning to get old now. Carrie serves raw lamb and it is just the excuse they need to give her a hard time again. The team have to go out into the dining room and apologise to the diners because their meals were late. Elise is not taking any of the blame as usual and blames everyone else. Elise attacks Carrie after service. It's like she has some problem and she needs to pick on someone. The blue team are still working away in the kitchen and they finish their service.Chef Ramsay tells the blue team they won. When it comes to elimination it's obvious that Carrie will be put up. When Chef Ramsay asks them who is the problem, they tell him that Carrie is terrible. Elise starts to blame Krupa. Chef Ramsay picks out Jennifer , Carrie and Amanda. Amanda goes home. That was a good choice. Now, if we could just get rid of Elise it would be great!!!


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