Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hell's Kitchen, Season 9 Episode 7 and 8

Last week saw the end of Gina and Monterray and not before time! This week we are down to eleven chefs.

So, this week begins with Jonathan realising that he has to pull his socks up or he will be gone.Krupa has too much to drink and she entertains the others. The next morning, she is sick with a hangover. The challenge is to make dishes with beer in them. Krupa is not up to scratch. They drop her dish as it is horrible. The blue team wins the challenge and they get to go to a Grand Prix race. The ladies have to deal with the deliveries. Elise starts crying and she looks stupid. She doesn't pull her weight and just watches everyone else doing the hard work. The others are annoyed and they tell her that. She just doesn't take any criticism and they argue.When they are prepping for service, Elise tries to help them out which is strange.

Service begins and Elise seems to have a new attitude. Somehow, it won't last, I think. Natalie hands Chef Ramsay scallops which aren't cooked properly. Elise hands up soggy salad and she messes up Carrie. Natalie is still not getting her scallops right. She wastes over 30 scallops(watch video above). She eventually gets it right with help from Will. Krupa is getting all of her times wrong. Jamie falls behind too.Elise tries to take over with her loud mouth. Tommy gets into trouble for having his pastry soggy and Jonathan tries to screw him. Elise is pissing everyone off by yelling at them. Krupa overcooks her food. Jonathan hands up overcooked meat also and he gets yelled at and thrown out of the kitchen along with Natalie. The other members of the blue team finish up. The losing team is the red team and blue team. They have to pick two from each team to get the boot so the red team pick Krupa and Jamie and the blue team choose Natalie and Jonathan. Krupa gets the boot and that's that.

Episode 8 begins with Chef Ramsay telling the red and blue team to choose one chef to lead the team. The blue team choose Will and the red team pick Jennifer. Chef Ramsay tells them to pick the weakest link and Jennifer picks Carrie(no surprise there) and Will picks Tommy. The challenge is for each team to cook American classics and Carrie and Tommy will decide what everyone will cook. Elise is moaning as usual. They have a guest chef to judge which dishes are the best. The red team wins and they get to go to a comedy club. The blue team have to clean and prep the kitchens and clean the dorms. They are pissed off. Jonathan gets a mysterious strain in his neck and he misses all of the work. The blue team are very annoyed with him. He finally comes back.

Service begins and there are some U.S. Coastguards in the dining room. Carrie is having a hard time with her pizza. Jonathan isn't cooking his pasta right at all. Natalie is trying to get him to move but he is not doing his job.He hands up pasta which tastes horrible and Chef Ramsay wants a chat with Jonathan(watch video above). Jonathan gives Chef Ramsay an excuse about his neck and he seems to have given up. He tries to fight back. The red team start to work well together. The blue team falls apart. Tommy starts to laugh when Natalie almost falls over him opening the oven. He messes up once again on his meat and Chef Ramsay is very frustrated. The red team are finishing up and the blue team struggle to finish too.The blue team are the losers and they have to pick two people to go home. They choose Natalie and Jonathan. Jonathan gets kicked out and we are now down to 9 chefs.


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