Tuesday, November 1, 2011

American Horror Story Season 1, Episode 2

 I'm back with more weirdness this week...Last episode ended with Vivian being pregnant.

This week begins in 1968. There are two girls alone in the house. A man calls to the door saying that he is hurt and they let him in. It turns out that he is a psychopath and he tells one of the girls to dress as a nurse and he ties her up and stabs her. He kills the other girl. The theme music from Psycho is playing in the background. Cut to present day. Ben is talking to Tate about Violet. He doesn't want her seeing Tate. Ben's fling Hayden, who was his lover and student before he got caught by his wife, calls him and tells him that she is pregnant. Meanwhile, Violet is talking to the former bully, Leah, who has somehow turned into her friend. Leah wonders what was in the basement.

That night, the burglar alarm goes off  and the front door is open. It turns out that it is neighbour Adelaide who is in the basement. Next day, Ben meets with a patient called Bianca. She talks about some cheating boyfriend. Ben tells Vivian that he has to go to Boston to see a patient who is in hospital. He is really going to see Hayden who is going to have an abortion. Constance delivers some cakes that are tainted to Vivian. She and Vivian talk about babies. It turns out that Constance has four children. Three people break into the house later and they take Vivian hostage.One of them is Bianca who was casing the house earlier. They catch Violet too. It turns out that they had heard about the original murders in the house and they want to recreate them using Vivian and Violet.

Adelaide sees them and she tries to tell Constance but she doesn't listen to her and locks her in a closet. Tate happens to be wandering through the house and he sees it. He helps the girls by killing one of them. One of the killers eats the tainted cakes. Vivian manages to hit another one. The third one goes into the basement and meets his end. Meanwhile Ben is with Hayden and they are chatting about the abortion. When he arrives home, Vivian tells him what happened and she also tells him that she wants to sell the house....

Another interesting episode. This story will take some time to unfold,but I like it so far. If you haven't seen the first episode, start watching now! You really have to follow the story with this series!!!


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