Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Walking Dead, Season 2, Episode 4

This week's episode begins with  the rest of the group arriving at the house. Carl is looking a bit better. They all catch up on things and they have a service for Otis. They ask Shane to say a few words. He feels guilty about what happened to Otis. He lies about it. Daryl is still looking for Sophia. Dr.Greene doesn't want guns coming onto his property. The group decide to leave their guns in a safe place. Maggie wants to go with Glenn to look for medical supplies. Andrea is not happy about surrendering their guns and she talks to Shane about it. Dr. Greene tells them that they will have to leave once Carl is back to full health. T-Dog is feeling much better too.

Dale and the others find a well but they see that there is a walker inside in it. Glenn has to go down and put a rope around its neck. The rope almost breaks and Glenn is frightened, but they manage to get him out. The walker is pulled out of the well, but his rotten body breaks in half and contaminates the water supply. Meanwhile, Daryl is searching for Sophia. He comes upon a house and he sees that someone has been hiding there. He can't find anything else and he arrived back empty handed. He brings back a flower for Carol and tells her that he will not give up looking. Glen and Maggie reach a pharmacy and they get some stuff. They decide to have sex also! Rick talks to Dr. Greene about staying on. The doctor says that maybe they can. Glenn was asked by Lori to get something for her and it turns out that it is a pregnancy test! He gives it to Lori and she takes it. She is pregnant!!!


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