Thursday, December 1, 2011

American Horror Story, Season 1, Episode 5

Episode 5 begins with Violet and Tate together. Ben goes outside and he meets Larry who is lurking around.
Larry tells him about Hayden coming back. Ben hits him as he thinks that they have arranged it between them and that he only pretended that Hayden was dead so that they could extort money from him. The security guy,Luke(Morris Chestnut) comes over as the alarm was triggered and he chats to Vivian. Tate and Violet are on the beach fooling around when a group of kids approach them. They want to kill Tate for some reason. Violet is scared. They back away.

Hayden calls Vivian. She tells her that Ben went to Boston to meet her.Vivian thinks that she is in the house. She doesn't realise that she has come back from the dead. Ben finds her in the basement. He thinks that she is trying to blackmail him. She is really annoyed with him.Larry comes down to the basement and hits him over the head. Chad comes back to the house. He goes after Vivian and he wants her out of the house. Violet and Tate talk about those kids on the beach. Tate won't tell her. The kids turn up at the house. Hayden is scaring Vivian. The kids wait for Tate and they chase him. Hayden faces off with Vivian. She tells Vivian she was pregnant with Ben's child and that Ben wanted her to have an abortion. She grabs a glass and she goes for Vivian. Ben walks in on them and Hayden forces him to tell Vivian the truth about the baby etc.

Constance tells Violet that Adelaide has died. She also tells her that Tate is her son. She begs her not to tell Tate about Adelaide. The kids catch up with Tate and we find out why they are so angry with him. He killed all of them. He can't remember them or what happened. They leave. All of the ghosts approach the house.
Luke has arrested Hayden and he puts her in the back of his car, but when he turns away, she disappears. He can't figure it out. Ben has to leave.


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