Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Goblin Movie Review 226

Goblin is a 2010 horror movie  directed by Jeffery Scott Lando(House of Bones) and starring Gil Bellows(Ally McBeal) and Colin Cunningham(from Falling Skies).

It starts in the year 1831 and a local woman's child is thrown into a bonfire because the woman is accused of being a witch and they think that the child is evil. She curses them and their village. The demon comes out of the fire and kills them. Cut to modern day and it is October 30. Kate(Camille Sullivan), her husband Neil(Bellows), Neil's daughter, Nikki(Tracy Spiridakos) and her new baby brother, Nathan. They are all travelling to the town of Hollowglen because Neil wants to make a deal with the locals about some development that he is planning with his pal Owen(Cunningham). They arrive in Hollowglen and they have to ask the locals for directions to the cabin they are staying in. Along with Nikki is her friend Cammy(Erin Boyles) and they laugh at the locals. An old guy called Charlie(Donnelly Rhodes of Danger Bay fame) warns them about the curse on the children of the town. They think that he is nuts.

They arrive at the cabin and Owen is there. There is tension in the air between Kate and Nikki. Kate is Nikki's stepmother and Nikki resents her. Next day is Halloween and the Goblin comes back to get vengeance on the village. Cammy and Nikki meet two local boys called Matt( Brett Dier) and Kyle(Reilly Dolman). They all hang out together at the house as Nikki is babysitting Nathan. Kate, Neil and Owen meet the local Sheriff(Andrew Wheeler) and talk to him about the development and the curse. He denies that the town is cursed and he doesn't seem too keen on the development either. The Goblin is in the woods behind the cabin and Cammy and Matt are killed. Nikki hears Cammy scream and she runs out of the house leaving Nathan alone. She finds Cammy dead and runs back to the house. Nathan has gone. Kate, Neil and Sheriff come back and she tells them what happened. They think that it is some sort of prank and Kate begs her to tell her what happened to her baby, but Nikki assures her that it isn't a joke. Sheriff takes Kyle in the cop car. Neil goes looking in the woods for Cammy and Matt. He finds Cammy.

Kate and Nikki are alone in the house when the Goblin arrives and kills Kate. Kyle arrives back having escaped. He has a car and she jumps in with him. Goblin is following them. It kills Owen. Charlie meets Nikki and Kyle and he tells them that he has a special spear which will kill the Goblin but someone has to get in close to impale him. Charlie decides that he will do it. Nikki and Kyle head to the local cafe which is owned by the Sheriff's wife, Bea. She has the missing baby. It turns out the Sheriff lured the family to the area so that they could get the baby or something like that. She locks Kyle and Nikki into a room. Neil arrives but gets handcuffed by the Sheriff. He tries to blame Neil for the killings, knowing well that the Goblin is responsible. Charlie lets them out and he tells them that Bea is trying to swap Nathan for a promise from the Goblin that he will leave them alone. They go to where the original bonfire was and they see the Goblin coming for Nathan. Charlie sticks the spear into the Goblin. It kills Charlie but Kyle goes back and tries again and it kills Kyle. Nikki finally kills the Goblin and she and Neil take Nathan and leave.

This was a below average offering. It is a bit slow in parts and the story is a bit ropey, but it isn't that bad to pass a couple of hours. Be warned that it is very low budget, but the Goblin was ok in it. This gets 3/10.


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