Monday, March 5, 2012

The Walking Dead, Season 2, Episode 9

Last episode we saw Rick shoot two survivors who were trying to find out where their farm was so they could get their hands on their stuff.

Laurie is in her car after her crash and there are walkers around her trying to get in. Cut to Rick and co. who are going to leave when they hear people looking for the two survivors Rick shot. Rick tells them what happened and there is a shootout. Back at the farm, Carol tells Daryl what is happening. He is still trying to cut himself off from the rest of the group after what happened to Sophia. Shane goes to find Laurie. Back at the bar, Glenn goes into the back to see if the new people are trying to get in . Rick and Hershel decide to try and get the car. Glenn gets shot at and he hides, thinking of Maggie. Hershel shoots one of them and the walkers get him. The shooters have to take off .Another one is impaled on a railing. His name is Randall and he begs them to save him from the walkers. They pull him off the railing and take him with them.

Meanwhile. Shane finds Laurie and  takes her back to the farm, telling her that Rick and the others are fine and waiting for her. When Laurie finds out that he lied, she is not happy with him. She wonders what happened with Otis. She tells him that she told Rick about their affair and Shane isn't pleased. They are going to look for Rick when he arrives back with Randall. Shane and Rick argue over him. Shane wants to kill him because he will run back and tell his friends where the farm is. Rick thinks that he won't. Andrea and Shane talk and he tells her that he should have left with her when he had the chance. Rick and Laurie talk about Shane and she tells him that she thinks Shane is dangerous.

I have to say that I like the character of Shane. I think that he is just reacting to the situation at hand and that he is not bad. Rick is a little too soft and righteous for my liking. I can see a split coming between Rick's gang  who would be Laurie and his son, Glenn and Dale and maybe Carol. Shane would have Andrea and T-Dog. Maybe Daryl, I'm not too sure, but I just think that if there is a split, I would much rather Shane be in charge...Just my opinion. Who would you prefer in charge??


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