Wednesday, April 4, 2012

ATM Movie Review 233

ATM is a 2012 horror movie directed by David Brooks and starring Josh Peck, Alice Eve and Brian Geraghty.

David (Geraghty) works at Starkweather Financial and his best friend is Corey(Peck). They are at their Christmas party one night and David talks to Emily(Eve) who he has liked for ages. He offers her a lift home and she accepts, but his friend Corey wants David to take him home too. On the way, Corey wants to stop for pizza but none of them have any cash so they stop at an ATM booth in the middle of nowhere(as you do). Bear in mind that this is at around one o'clock in the morning. David parks a long distance from the booth and Corey walks into the booth. After a few minutes, David has to go into him and help him out. Corey is pretty drunk and he can't get his money out for some reason. David gives him his cash and Emily gets out of the car and walks into the booth too.

After a few minutes, they notice a guy standing outside with his face covered and wearing a large coat with a hood. They wonder if he wants to use the ATM but David is suspicious. A guy with a dog is walking through the parking lot and the weirdo kills him. The three are horrified and now they know that this person is crazy. 
They try to come up with some reason why he is just standing outside. They look around for something to help them to make contact with the police, but no  matter what they try to do, there is no way to alert them.
The guy is at the back of the booth and  he is obviously trying to get in from the rear. They are terrified and they realise that when he reaches them, he will kill them all. David tries to give him money, but the guy doesn't want it. David runs for his car, but it is parked so far away that the guy is on his tail. Why the hell did he park so far away from the booth? Even if he was trying to make Corey walk the distance in the cold, he should have never parked so far away. It is a silly plot hole.

The rest of the movie is taken up with the mad guy trying to get at them and they trying to sound an alarm or something. The killer murders a security guard and he just walks around and waits for something to happen.
I won't give away the ending, but there are some serious plot flaws here. I was irritated by them. Other than these flaws, I actually enjoyed this film. I liked it because the plot was very simple, but it was interesting because the characters are caught by some killer and there seems to be no reason or cause for him to want to kill them. His lack of motive makes him more dangerous. There were some bits that annoyed me, but I have to say this was a decent movie and I would recommend it. It gets a 6/10.


Tony Briley said...

I can't rank this one quite as high as you did. The ending and plot flaws I noticed, that are probably the ones you're talking about since they were so obvious, pretty much ruined it for me. But, the premise was good and original, so it is worth a watch for something different.

Amanda said...

I did enjoy it, despite its shortcomings.I liked the premise and there were some good parts.Most of these films have plot holes etc so I just go with it!I will say that I wouldn't be in a rush to see it again!!Thanks for commenting!

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