Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Wicker Tree Movie Review 244

The Wicker Tree is a 2011 horror movie directed by Robin Hardy who also directed the classic The Wicker Man. He also wrote this movie.It stars Graham McTavish,Jacqueline Leonard and Clive Russell.

The story begins with two born again Christians called Beth(Brittania Nicol) and Steve(Henry Garrett) who decide to go to Scotland to convert some non-believers. Beth is famous for her singing and she is engaged to Steve. They arrive in Scotland and meet Sir Lachlan Morrison(McTavish) and his wife Delia(Leonard) who live in a village called Tressock. They invite Beth and Steve to stay there and they agree. When they arrive in the village they realise that there is something a little strange about the locals. They find out that the locals are going to celebrate May Day and they want Beth to be the May Queen and Steve to be the Laddie.

The rest of the movie is complete nonsense and I have to say that this is a really bad follow up to the classic The Wicker Man. I love that movie and to see that the same director was responsible for this rubbish is amazing. I hated this and I would not recommend it. I didn't like the Americans and the way that they were just so idiotic. I think that their characters were ridiculous. Nobody is that stupid. They were completely naive and so trusting. That was just silly. Why Scotland? It seemed silly that they would just pick Scotland out of the blue to convert. I know that the original was set there, but it seems unlikely that these people would come to Scotland at the drop of a hat. This was just a waste of time. See it at your peril..It gets a 2/10.


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