Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hells Kitchen, Season 10, Episode 11

Last week saw the end of Patrick and we are down to ten chefs.

This week, the challenge begins with a crap table. They have to roll the dice and get some ingredients to make a dish. They come up with their own dishes and they have to impress Chef Ramsay. The blue team win the challenge and get a treat. The red team have to roast some pork overnight and they are moaning about it.Robyn is having trouble adjusting to the way that the blue team work. That night, David Beckham is going to be at the chefs table and some other minor celebrity is at the other. In the blue kitchen, Royce can't cook his meat properly. He is getting bogged down by all of the orders(watch video above). He is messing up his timings too. He gets yelled at. Chef Ramsay has a chat with the blue team and tells them that they had better shape up soon. Robyn is doing her best to run the kitchen on her own while the others are gone.

Tiffany can't tell the difference between cod and sea bass and she comes across like a complete fool. She doesn't care what she is doing at all. Royce messes up his meat once again. Clemenza hands up horrible fish and he is accused of being a slob by Chef Ramsay. The blue team can't serve their customers and the red team is brought in to help them which doesn't go down too well. They lose the service and have to pick two people. They choose Royce and Clemenza. Chef Ramsay decides to send Royce(pictured above) home.


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