Friday, July 13, 2012

Memorial Valley Massacre Movie Review 252

 Memorial Valley Massacre is a 1989 horror movie directed by Robert C. Hughes and starring John Kerry.

Memorial Valley is a campsite which is not ready to open to the public event though there are loads of people waiting to get in. The workmen decide to quit, but the owner opens it anyway. George(Kerry) is the boss around the place and he is trying to keep everyone happy. He has an assistant called David helping him. There is a weird looking hermit living in a cave near the camp and he sees all of the people coming to the camp. It isn't long before a group of bikers come to the camp and they are all set for having a party. Some of the others aren't too keen on them.

The hermit is creeping around and he starts to kill the patrons of the park one by one. He doesn't want them ruining the wilderness with their rubbish and their vans.Everyone is scared and they are horrified when bodies start appearing. The hermit is making his way through the camp. The strange thing is that he is George's son who was kidnapped and abandoned in the wilderness years ago. George has been searching for him for years and when he finally realises who he is, he gets killed in one of the hermit's traps. The hermit realises who George is, but it is too late. The movie ends with everyone leaving and the hermit watching it all...

This film was bad. The acting is awful. The story is almost non existent and the hermit is not scary at all.
It passed an hour and a half, but I wouldn't be rushing to see it again...It gets a 2/10.


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