Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Creep Van Movie Review 255

Creep Van is a 2012 horror movie directed by Scott W.McKinlay and starring Brian Kolodziej and Amy Wehrell.

The story in this film is pretty easy to explain. A weirdo in an old van goes around killing people for no reason. His van is shabby and weird looking. Anyone who approaches it ends up dead. A young man called Campbell(Kolodziej) is working at a car wash and he sees the creep van which is for sale. He is interested in buying it and he decides that he will call the number later. Meanwhile, a woman calls the number for the van and meets the owner who kills her in it. The creep van is on the prowl and anyone who crosses its path meets a sticky end. The movie cuts between Campbell working at the car wash to the creep van getting more victims.

Campbell strikes up a friendship with a co worker called Amy(Wehrell) and they spend time together. There is a customer who comes to the car wash called Swami Ted(Collin Bernsen) and he and Campbell almost get knocked down by the creep van. Campbell had called up about the van and the guy on the phone had threatened him so Campbell told him to stick his van. Now, it seems as if the creep van is after him. He manages to look inside it and he finds a letter. He has to run when the creep comes back. The creep drives into Campbell's brothers house and kills him. A detective looks into the case. The end result is that Campbell kills the creep with Swami Teds help but the creep has set him up to make it look like he owns the van. The letter that Campbell took is the deed to the van which is in his name. The cops come and arrest him and he goes to jail.

This film was bad. The acting was awful and the story just went  ten different ways which was annoying after a while. On the plus side, the creep van idea was good and there were some decent kills in it. I wasn't crazy about the ending, but all in all, it was just OK. I wouldn't watch it again. I will give it a 3/10.


Anonymous said...
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Tony Briley said...

Thanks Amanda for once again saving me some time. Your score tells me everything I need to know.

Amanda said...

Avoid this one. It really was bad. I liked the idea of a killer in a van, but it was a mess..

Anonymous said...
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