Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hells Kitchen, Season 10, Episode 18

Last week, Clemenza was sent packing so there are four chefs left and the finale is drawing near!

This week, their families are brought in and there are tears and hugging etc. The final four are taken to a supermarket. They are each given $15 to buy ingredients for their dish. They have 30 minutes to cook it and the winner will be the one who fetches the highest price for their dish. Some chefs are brought in to judge them.Dana manages to win the challenge and she goes for lunch with a chef. The other three have to sort through bags of rubbish to sort it out.

Service begins and the chefs have to pass a quality control test on the pass. Justin is first up and he has to lead the team. Dana seems to be dragging her heels(watch video above). He passes the quality control test and Chef Ramsay is pleased with him. Dana is next up but her leadership skills leave a lot to be desired. She fails the quality control test. Barbie starts her turn and she isn't doing great. She passes the quality control test. Last up is Christina and she is having problems with Dana who is really slow. She is messing it up for Christina. She passes the quality control test also. So who will be going through to the final??? Barbie is the first one to go home.There are three left now. Will it be Dana, Justin or Christina who go home too? We have to wait until next time to find out!


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